How Much do Dental Assistants Make in Average?

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How Much do Dental Assistants Make?

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There are many questions asked about this career. But the most frequently asked would be how much money does a dental assistants earnin a year?  Dental assistant is one of a few career that need minimum amount of education. In fact, in some states you can be a dental assistant even with high school diploma. To learn more about this, why don’t you go to our previous post about how long does it take to become a dental assistant?.

How Much do Dental Assistants Make?

It’s hard to determine the exact amount of dental assistant salary, because there are various factors that determine the amount of wage they get. These factors are:


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The more job you get in a dental office, the better the salary. In other words, dental assistant with less dental assistant coworkers often gets higher salary because they are responsible for more jobs.


Education and training will increase the dental assistant wage and salary. The average salary of a qualified dental assistant that has completed their one year training program would be higher than the one that comes with high school diploma. This is always the case because the dental assistants who have completed their training program is considered more skilled.

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Becoming a Certified Dental Assistant is actually a requirement in several states. Certified Dental Assistant have to complete the certification exam from the US National Board of Dental Assistant. This certification increase the dental assistant competency acknowledgement, hence increasing the salary.


The location is also a very important factor for this career. In general, dental offices in major cities offer better dental assistant salary compared to the ones in the rural areas. However, that’s not always the case. There are some rural areas with better pay because there are many demands for dental assistants in those cities. We also notice that in general there are a significant correlation between the cost of living and the dental assistant salary amount.

5 Best Cities for Dental Assistants

With that in mind, we have decided to provide you with the top 5 cities for dental assistants in United States. As a comparison, the average dental assistant salary in United States is $34,000. This is a median number, meaning that 50 percent of DA in US earn more than that number, while the other 50 percent earn less than $34,000.

Below is the list of top 5 best cities for dental assistants. All states mentioned below is included in the top 25% of the dental assistant in United States. The highest pay

  • Minnesota, with most of the dental assistants can make around $44,750
  • New Hampshire, with most of the dental assistants can make around $44,300
  • Alaska, with most of the dental assistants can make around $42,300
  • Connecticut, with most of the dental assistants can make around $41,200
  • Massachusetts, with most of the dental assistants can make around $41,000

This means that dental assistants in Minnesotta, New Hampshire, Alaska, Connecticut and Massachusetts make around $20.42, $21.33, $20.31, $19.72 and $19.68 per hour, respectively.

Hopefully this post can answer your question on dental assistants earning, hourly and yearly.

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