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How Much Does a Dentist Make?

How much does a dentist make annually or hourly? Many people ask this, especially high school students who have been thinking about their future. As we have mentioned in the earlier post about “how long does it take to become a dentist“, becoming a dentist requires investment in money, effort and time. Therefore, it is not surprising that the annual wage of a dentist is considered as one of the highest wages of all profession.

That being said, the range of salary varies a lot. According to the BLS recent data, the lowest salary for a dentist is less than $74,130, while the highest salary for a dentist is more than $188,000. What aspects affect this number?

Just like any other profession, there are three basic aspects that affect how much does a dentist make. These aspects are:

1. Education

2. Location

3. Experience

It’s needless to say that the more experienced dentist will get more patients and significantly higher hourly pay. As a dentist, the experience and reputation will pile up after a few years. The higher education you get, or the more training you complete will add your value as a dentist. Unlike the experience, we can alter this factor. Therefore, dentists who wants to increase their salary should always look for a way to improve themselves.

How Much Does a Dentist Make (Based on Location)

Location is also very important, because there are several States that has a significantly higher median average of annual salary compared to others. Below are the list of five best paying States for dentists:

  • New England – $209,091
  • Alaska – $208,450
  • North Dakota – $208,960
  • Washington – $194,390
  • Minnesota – $193,100

If that’s too wide of area to cover, let’s break them down into five best paying cities for dentists. All these cities in average pay their dentist with more than $240,000 per year. Checkout the complete list below:

  • Holland, Michigan
  • Tyler, Texas
  • Odessa, Texas
  • Nashua, New Hampshire
  • Spokane, Washington

There you go. We would like to remind you that you need to consider the cost of living too. Some cities may have a significantly higher cost of living which will reduce the amount of money you can save from your salary. If you’re interested in applying as a dentist in these cities, just leave some comments and we may add some good information on the latest job openings on those cities in our future post. I hope this post can answer your question about how much does a dentist make each year.


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