How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Chipped Tooth? Here are YOUR Options

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How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Chipped Tooth

A friend of mine had a minor accident, and yesterday she asked about the cost to fix a chipped tooth. That depends on the several things, really. Just like in any other restorative dental procedure, the cost is typically cheaper when you only need minor fixing, and the cost is getting higher if the chipped tooth requires major fixing. There’s only one thing for sure: you can’t repair a chipped tooth at home.

How Much does it Cost to Fix a Chipped Tooth?

As we have mentioned earlier, the type of treatment that will be used by the dentist depends on the severity of the damage on the chipped tooth.

  1. Fixing Chipped Tooth with Simple Polish

A very small damage to a tooth can easily be dealt with. Your dentist may only do some minor fixing by polishing the area and smoothing it. The cost is fairly low, because it’s a simple procedure. You won’t be spending more than $100.

  1. Fixing Chipped Tooth with Filling or bonding

The filling or bonding is often chosen when your dentist deems that there’s a minor chipped tooth. The material used is either a composite resin or filling material. The composite resin can do a good job hiding the chipped area, because the color is similar to your teeth. Most of dental insurance plan cover this, and the fair price for the procedure is a few hundred dollars.

  1. Fixing Chipped Tooth with Dental Crown

Crown is another solution for a chipped tooth, especially when the chipped area is large or has decayed. However, this is a fairly expensive treatment compared to the other two solutions we’ve mentioned above. The cost to fix a chipped tooth using dental crown vary greatly depending on many things, including the material quality and the work needed to prepare the tooth for the crown. For example, if the chipped tooth has exposed the tooth’s pulp, a root canal procedure is needed to avoid the risk of infection. That will add about $1,000 to your bill. Meanwhile, a single dental crown can cost somewhere between $500 and $3,000.

  1. Cost to Fix Chipped Front Tooth with Veneer

Veneer is also a popular choice when you want to fix your chipped front tooth. The material used for veneer can either be porcelain or resin composite. The chipped part of the tooth is filled with the dental veneer, and then the dentist usually applies the veneer to the front side of the tooth. Don’t worry, both have tooth color so the result will look natural. The cost of dental veneers varies between $600 and $1,300.

As we have explained to you earlier, it really depends on the extent of the damage, the number of procedure needed to prepare your tooth for the treatment, and the type of treatment and material used for fixing the tooth.

A tiny chip on the edge of the tooth repaired using polishing the surface costs about $70, while a minor chipped tooth fixed using fillings can cost about $100 to $300, while severely damaged tooth that is fixed using multiple treatments can cost you more than $1,000. For an exact estimation of the cost, please contact your dentist’s office.

We sincerely hope that this post can answer your question on how much does it cost to fix a chipped tooth.

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