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How Much Does Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning Cost?

What is the average cost of ultrasonic dental cleaning? Does dental insurance cover ultrasonic dental cleaning? Is there any affordable option? Before we answer those questions, we would like to explain a little bit about this procedure.

Dental cleaning, in general, is a procedure done by dental hygienist that removes plaque and tartar in your teeth. There are two types of dental cleaning performed in dental clinics: the routine cleaning and deep cleaning.

The routine cleaning is a standard cleaning procedure that can remove daily stains caused by beverages and food. Most are done manually by dental hygienists, and the average cost of this method is somewhere between $75 and $200, with the average cost of $137.5. Typically the procedure is included in a bundle of routine checkup, consisted of dental cleaning, dental X-ray and examination by dentist. This routine checkup costs somewhere between $120 and $320, with the average money the customer have to pay of $200. Almost every dental insurance plans in the United States cover 100% of the total the cost of routine checkup (which include routine cleaning).

Meanwhile, the deep cleaning is a more thorough method to remove heavy plaque and tartar built up on your teeth surface and under the gum line. Some dental clinics perform deep cleaning by combining planing and scaling procedure with ultrasonic cleaning. Typically it is done to treat early stages of gum disease.

In terms of price, deep cleaning can be quite costly and the payment is done based on the number of quadrants that it’s performed to (whether it is the lower right, lower left, upper right or upper left). The cost for deep cleaning in each quadrant ranges between $200 and $450, which may include antibiotic injections, full mouth debridement, etc. The average money spent for this type of cleaning is $920.

Some dental insurance plans do cover deep cleanings, although they don’t cover 100% of the cost. The average cost for deep cleaning paid by the customer with dental insurance is somewhere between $370 and $420.

Is There any Cheap Ultrasonic Cleaning Alternative?

There is a cheaper alternative available for those who want to get affordable ultrasonic dental cleaning. There are recent products offered by the market that can give you ultrasonic dental cleaning at home (such as the one from Emmi-dent). This no-brush ultrasonic cleaning works like a charm for many people. The product follows the same principal used by professional ultrasonic cleaners, but it is adjusted for daily use. Price wise, the product is far more affordable compared to the cost of deep cleaning (our example below cost about $189)

That said, you need to be careful in choosing the product. If you shop at online retailers such as Amazon, look for the one that has a high rating given by its customers. Carefully examine the reviews given by these customers and then you can decide whether this is a right product for you.

I sincerely hope that you find this post informative, and don’t forget to share some comments about your experience related to the ultrasonic dental cleaning price and their at-home alternatives using the comment section below this post!

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