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Humana Dental in Network Dentists: The Dental Plans Offered

The dental health plans offered by Humana Dental in network dentists can be purchased either through the healthcare program provided by your employer or as an individual coverage policy. For extra savings on the dental plans, use the in-network dentist. Even so, if you prefer consulting a specialist, a referral from the primary care dentist won’t be required.

Humana Dental in Networ Dentists: What does the Program Offer?

There are several dental insurance policies provided through Humana Dental in network dentists. First is Humana Preventative Plus Package for Veterans that allows you to choose a dentist, either out-of or in-network. For preventative care services, no waiting period is required. However for other basic procedures and surgery, the waiting period can take up to 6 months. There’s also Dental Loyalty Plus to choose either out-of or in-network dentist which can be ideal for a family.

Meanwhile, the Dental Preventative Plus from Humana Dental in network dentists allows you to choose dentist and covers cleanings and X-rays. No co-pay required for office visits and no waiting period for preventative services. However, for oral surgery, basic procedures and filling, the waiting period can take 6 months. Last but not least, there’s Dental Savings Plus for a discount you can use for any in-network dentist. Note that it’s not insurance, but a discount plan.

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