Humphreys Teething Pellets / Tablets: Do they Work?

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Humphreys Teething Pellets / Tablets: Do they Work?

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Both Hyland teething tablets and Humphreys teething pellets have been used by many moms across the United States to help their children ease the pain during the teething period.  You can find them at local pharmacy store or even from online store.

Considered by many as a natural teething remedy, these are dissolvable tablets that commonly uses chamomile as its active ingredient. Besides the chamomile, the teething tablets/pellets ingredient also usually contain small amount of belladonna, coffea cruda and calcarea phosphorica. Belladona helps with the sore and redness, the coffea cruda helps the baby to calm, and the calcarea phosporica will promote the growth of the teeth.

The tablets are indeed convenient. It doesn’t have funny taste; the size is very small it dissolves easily so it won’t get stuck on the throat. Many families entrusted the teething periods of their children with this homeopathic teething pills for years. It is a perfect solution for babies who are not old enough yet for traditional pain-relief medication. Now for the important Question:

Do Humphreys Teething Pellets work?

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As we have said earlier, there are many moms that swear that it really works for their baby. However, there’s still no conclusive and thorough clinical experiment that can proof this claim. In fact, the FDA expressed some concerns about them (it was for Hyland’s teething tablets, though).

The FDA said that they found some inconsistencies in the Belladona amount in the tablets, and that the container’s cap is not child-resistant. Hence they are recommending avoiding using this kind of product. That being said, Hyland through their website objects by stating that the amount of belladonna in their product is very small, that is highly unlikely to cause dry mouth or other so-called teething tablets’ side effects.

Based on our personal observation on the parents’ reaction, it seems that the teething tablets work for some, and don’t work for others. We also agree that the amount of belladonna is very low to cause some serious problems, but as parents you should still avoid giving the tablets too much. One more thing, keep the container away from the kids so that they won’t open and take the tablets on their own. The tablets is a good option to try before giving your baby over-the-counter medical remedies.

Teething Tablets Alternative to Help Teething Symptoms

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If you have decided to try the teething tablets from Humphreys or Hyland despite the FDA warning, please go on. But how about those who decide not to get them for their babies? Is there any alternative remedy for teething tablets? First off, there’s the medication for teething. While there are several liquid pain relievers available on the market, we only recommend acetaminophen-based pain relievers such as Tylenol.

If you’d like to avoid clinical medication, there are other ways to help relieve teething symptoms in babies, which include:

  1. Teethers / Teething Toys

While there is still some concern about the safety of these toys, it is still a good way to sooth teething symptoms during daytime as long as you maintain hygiene habit (always wash them after use, etc). It is also preferable to choose the solid instead of the liquid-filled teething toys. Keep them clean and store them in your refrigerator.

  1. Other Homemade Teethers

Frozen bananas or faceclothes are also great homemade teethers toys. The frozen facecloth can act similarly like the commercial solid teethers. For the banana tricks, you need to peel them off and cut them in half before inserting them to a plastic bag and putting them inside your fridge. The baby will chew on the banana, which is a good thing. Besides banana, you can also try other foods such as bagel, bread, etc.

  1. Use fingers

Sometimes teethers don’t work anymore, and many moms complain about how their baby prefers to bite the nipple instead (ouch!). To solve this, you can massage your baby’s teeth before breastfeeding them using your fingers (dipped in cool, clean water).

There you go. I sincerely hope that through this post you can decide whether using the Humphreys teething pellets or try other homeopathy treatment for teething symptoms as we’ve mentioned above. Please share your experience below using the comment box! We’d love to hear your story.


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