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I Have a Fear of Dentist Phobia, Is there Any Help?

I just got asked that question by an acquaintance of mine. She’s having this dental fear and anxiety that prevents her to visit her dentist. She always tried her best to keep her teeth healthy, but unfortunately she has impacted wisdom teeth that are gradually making troubles. Now she’s in a dilemma, since she really doesn’t want to go to the dentist because she’s afraid of the drills and the needles.

She’s not alone. There are many people who have this extreme fear or phobia of dentist, even to the point of enduring the extreme toothache just to avoid visiting a dental clinic. What these people don’t know is that there is a way to help fear of dentist.

Help for Fear of Dentist Phobia

Most dentists are sympathetic about the fear and anxiety, and they will likely give you several recommendations to ease the worry, such as using relaxation techniques or sedation.

  1. Sedation dentistry

There are two sedation techniques that are commonly used by dentists, namely the inhalation sedation (relative analgesia) and the IV sedation. Usually the dentist will use a harmless amount of sedation that is sufficient to make the patient free from pain and discomfort, but still remain conscious. Both sedation cause the patient to be drowsy, hence it might be a good idea to visit the dentist with somebody that can take you home.

The inhalation sedation for dental procedure is performed by allowing the patient to breathe in the mix of oxygen and nitrous oxide through a nosepiece. This is a great option for people with the fear of needles.

If you’re fine with needles, the dentist may recommend the IV sedation, performed by injection. The effect of the IV sedation is longer than the relative analgesia so many dentists prefer this method for a longer procedure such as surgery. It may take some time before your body becomes normal again, so again please visit the dentist with a companion.

That said; please do remember that not everyone is suitable for sedation dentistry. Consult your dentist and he will examine and tell you if you are qualified or not qualified for the procedure.

  1. Relaxation

Relaxation works best for people with little to medium anxiety. The anxiety is getting stronger when you’re close to the dentist office because your body produces chemicals that increase the anxiety. Relaxation can be a good way to reduce and manage your anxiety. The dentist will recommend using relaxation technique before proceeding to sedation dentistry because of two reasons: it’s safer and it’s cheaper. Other techniques include yoga, meditation and hypnosis.

The Cost for Sedation Dentistry

Obviously, the cost of this kind of dental treatment would be higher than normal. Dental care for people with fear of dentist (especially the ones that will use sedation dentistry) is more expensive mainly because you will have to pay for the sedation cost too. Therefore, it is important to ask the full cost of the treatment before you go with it!

I hope this post can help those with dental phobia and anxiety!


  1. Hannan Ahmad

    November 2, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    The dentist phobia is very common among children. However, it is essential that you take your child for regular visits to the dentist, regardless of the phobia. The fear will go away with time but if they don’t get proper dental care, they might suffer from permanent dental issues.

    • Jera

      January 12, 2016 at 7:42 pm

      Walking in the prscenee of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

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