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I Have Severe Wisdom Tooth Pain and Swelling: What to Do?

Every day feels like hell when you have severe wisdom tooth pain and swelling, right? Today we are writing this post to give you the possible cause and how to deal with the pain.

Wisdom tooth, or some call it third molar, is the last tooth that grow in your late teen’s age or early 20s. In some people, the tooth causes no problem whatsoever. That being said, a significant number of people have some problems with it that can lead to wisdom tooth swelling, which often started by pain in jaw, cheek, neck or even ear.

Severe Wisdom Tooth Pain and Swelling Cause

There are several possible causes of the pain, which are:

  1. Growing tooth

A growing or erupting wisdom tooth can cause pain, discomfort or occasional swelling. Typically the pain is not severe and still bearable. You can use the wisdom tooth pain relief over the counter, which is usually enough to manage the pain. After a few days, the discomfort should go away by itself.

  1. Infection

This is a more common cause of pain in wisdom tooth. Since the tooth is located at the farthest place in your mouth, many people can’t clean this third molar properly because the brush can’t reach it. Dirty tooth is the perfect place for bacteria to grow, and over the time these bacteria destroy the tooth and can cause infection. Once infected, it will cause severe pain and swelling.

  1. Impacted

There’s a condition called the impacted wisdom tooth where the wisdom tooth don’t erupt in the right angle. In some people with small jaw, the wisdom tooth may grow sideways, causing it to press against the second molar. This means that the tooth will also press pain nerves around the second molar, causing pain. What’s more, if it is partially erupted, there will be some gap between the wisdom tooth and the second molar, allowing food debris and particles to get stuck between them. This often leads to infection.

What to do?

Do not wait until you feel a severe wisdom tooth pain and swelling. If you have unusual discomfort in your wisdom tooth we highly recommend visiting the dentist so that he or she can determine the cause of the pain. Typically, the treatment for wisdom tooth pain would be extraction or removal.

You may think that using pain relief or over the counter medicine can magically end the problem, but the longer you postpone it the worse it gets. The medicine is only a

If you’re asking about the cost, we’ve covered it on this post about the wisdom tooth removal cost. We’ve also made a great tips on the wisdom tooth removal aftercare. Just go through the related post below and I am sure you can find the information you’re looking for. Alternatively, you can also use our search box!

I hope this post can give you the answer you’re looking for. I sincerely wish that you can immediately handle that severe wisdom tooth pain and swelling, and get your normal life back. If you’re interested to read everything related to wisdom tooth extraction, including the proper recovery and aftercare, go here

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