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Implant Retained Dentures Cost Estimation in United States

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Implant retained dentures cost. So you need the best tooth replacement? We have something that might be the answer. The implant retained denture is currently the best dentures type available at the market, but apparently not everyone can afford it due to the cost.

This new method is most suitable for replacing all the teeth in both jaws. It can also be used to replace teeth in just the upper or lower jaws. Of course, this method is not suitable when you want to replace just one tooth. If you have a set of lined teeth you want to replace, you can choose this method. What are the pros and cons? Read on for more.

Implant Retained Dentures Pros and Cons

The implant retained dentures is a set of specialist dentures, attached one another. These dentures are supported and strengthened by using 2 to 4 dental implants that are implanted in the jaw. Usually, the dental implants are made from titanium, offering durability and stability. Before we go to implant retained dentures cost, here are the pros or advantage of this dental care technique:

Some of the implant retained dentures pros are:

  1. They are very steady, even if you use them to eat beefsteak.
  2. The dentures are super comfortable. Traditional dentures sometimes come with denture-lisp, giving you less comfort. However, the implant-retained dentures are very comfortable. In fact, it is almost felt like they are your own teeth set.
  3. It also looks like real teeth. Therefore, it is aesthetically awesome. It also supports your lips, preventing your skin around your mouth to sag and wrinkle.
  4. It can make your speech clearer.
  5. The implant retained dentures cost is pretty high, but it can decrease bone loss in your jaw.
  6. It does not matter if you pick the non-removable or removable implant teeth. These are the best products that can be easily cleaned. The removable version is better, though, because it can be cleaned more thoroughly. Have we told you that this denture is almost free from food stuck in teeth problem?
  7. You do not have to remove them before going to bed. The only time you need to remove them is when you want to clean them. So say goodbye to that glass beside your bed!
  8. The best thing about these dentures is its durability. Among other dentures type, the implant-retained dentures comes with the longest durability. However, you still need annual check with your dentist to see the dentures condition, because the connectors are made from nylon and they do wear over time.

Implant Retained Dentures Cost

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The only implant retained dentures cons is the price. It is much more expensive compared to your conventional dentures. The price ranges widely, depending whether you need jawbone reconstruction or not. The jawbone reconstruction may be needed if the bone is damaged greatly from bone loss. This procedure usually adds several thousand dollars to your bill.

The general implant retained dentures cost ranges from $6000 to $10,000 for two teeth. If your doctor said that you should have a jawbone reconstruction first, expect to pay around that $10,000. On the other hand, if your jawbone condition is in a good shape, expect to pay around $6000 for two dentures.

Our implant retained dentures cost estimation is based on good quality dentures products. There are indeed other dentures products that are cheaper, but we can’t recommend them because they simply don’t last that long and in some cases these kind of products doesn’t meet the United States’ standard.

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P.S. You can find the clinics for dental implants in United States from the American Dental Association website

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