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Is Gum Disease Contagious Through Kissing?

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There are many people and couple asking if gum disease or periodontal disease contagious through kissing or not. There are several opinions about this. In one side, some believes that the gum disease is not infectious while on the other side believes the otherwise. Which one is correct? Here’s our answer.

To completely understand this matter, it is important to know the basic cause of the gum disease. People have this condition because they have an infection under their gum line, caused by bad bacteria in your mouth.

Under normal condition, a person’s mouth consisted of millions of bacteria. Some are good, while some others are bad. If a person doesn’t do a good oral hygiene habit, the growth of the bad bacteria can become uncontrollable. Slowly but surely these bad bacteria begin to destroy your teeth, and in some cases cause the gum disease. Once they do, they have created an even more ideal environment to grow in numbers.

Therefore, with that short explanation we can conclude that people with gum disease carry more bad bacteria in their saliva. Kissing activity obviously involves some saliva exchange, which allows the bacteria to transfer to your mouth, increasing the concentration of the bad bacteria in, increasing the concentration of the bad bacteria in your mouth.

This may lead to dental problems, which is not limited to gum disease. The bacteria will invade your teeth first, causing tooth decay and in some cases, periodontitis. This has been confirmed in a journal released by the American Dental Association.

Gum Disease Contagious Through Kissing. Really??

Well, not exactly. There are many other factors that can cause the gum disease to develop after you kiss. Getting additional numbers of bad bacteria is just one factor. Other factors that have to be present so that the exchanged bacteria can cause you dental problems are:

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  1. Poor oral hygiene habits

People seldom brush and floss their teeth before they go to sleep and neglect daytime brushing usually have a suitable environment for the bacteria. This increases the chance of getting tooth decay and other dental problems, including gum disease.

  1. Low immune system

People who are sick or have low immune system or have a developing immune system (like in children) should avoid kissing. Since you have a low immune system the bacteria can easily make their way to your teeth and gums and start to destroy them. The same goes for people with canker sores, wounds, etc.

That’s all. The key here is to have a healthy condition and always perform good oral hygiene. If you do, you won’t get infected by gum disease through kissing.

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