Simple Kids and Toddler Dental Health Care Guide

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Simple Kids and Toddler Dental Health Care Guide

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Here’s a simple kids and toddler dental health care guide you can follow. For first time parents, having a child is a new and exciting experience. However, you are still responsible to keep your children and toddlers to have a healthy smile. Getting them to know the importance of a healthy mouth and teeth as early as possible is very important. There are many parents who regret neglecting their children oral health. A staggering statistics have shown that there are 40 percent of kindergarten kids who already have cavities. This is totally preventable! That is why you should follow our simple guide below:

Kids and Toddler Dental Health Guide

First Dental Care for Toddlers

When is the best time to start brushing your kids or toddler? We recommend to start as early as possible. If your baby hasn’t shown any milk teeth yet, just cleaning the gum with soft warm washcloth is enough. When your kid’s first baby teeth have erupted, you can start to introduce brushing it. Brush twice daily using fluoridated toothpaste and a special infant toothbrush. To learn about the technique, make sure you ask your dentist first.

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Don’t Let your Toddler Sleep with Baby Bottle

The problem is, the baby bottle is usually filled with milk, juice or other sugary liquid. This is another most common mistake done by many parents. Sugars contained in these drinks will feed the bacteria in your toddler’s mouth, leading to tooth decay and cavities. Make sure you don’t let your toddler sleep while sipping milk from baby bottle, and also make sure to spare some time to brush their teeth before bedtime. The only liquid allowed after brushing is fresh water ONLY.

Don’t put your infant or older child down for a nap with a bottle of juice, formula, or milk. Sugary liquids cling to baby’s teeth, feeding bacteria that can trigger tooth decay. If you must give your child a bottle to take to bed, make sure it contains only water.

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Juice is NOT Water

Remember this clearly, because I’ve seen some parents give their children or toddlers juice all day long. Juice still contains sugars, which not only bad for your kids or toddler’s dental health, but also for his or her general health. There’s a research that confirms the link between childhood obesity and over drinking the juice. Use the juice as treat, not something to replace water.

Don’t Use Sippy Cup and Pacifiers.

They’re already toddlers. They can learn drinking water from glass (use BPA free plastic glass for safety). You should also remember that pacifiers are NOT for toddlers. They’re for babies. Prolonged use of sippy cup and pacifiers can ruin your toddler’s dental health. The most common occurrence for this case is tooth decay behind the front teeth of the toddler.

How about Medicine?

It is undeniable that most medicine made for toddlers are sweet. They contain sugars and may stick to the teeth. Therefore, you should consult your dentist about how many times should  you brush your toddler’s teeth during medication.

Be Strict!

I think the most important part of this is your consistency as the toddler’s parent. You have to stand firm and make your kid brush their teeth, every night. Let them know that this is not negotiable. The trick is to be patient. You may have to accompany them until they are ready to brush their own teeth. What I usually do is brushing with them every night. As you know, kids learn faster by copying their parents.

I think that is all. I certainly hope that this post can be your easy guide on toddler dental health care

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