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Lincoln Dental Network Review

Lincoln Dental Network review. Lincoln DentalConnect is Lincoln’s dental insurance that is focused on giving people the best dental care they deserve. I am sure you already know how important dental insurance is for your oral health, but did you know that oral health has many connections with other medical conditions?

Studies have concluded that poor oral health, especially those who have gum disease have higher risk in developing serious medical conditions, which includes stroke, Alzheimer, Osteoporosis, Diabetes and even Heart Disease.

Lincoln DentalConnect offers many types of dental insurances. The most popular of all is the one that comes with Preferred Provider Organization or PPO. This Lincoln dental network spreads across the United States, and currently there are more than 270,000 providers or dentist offices are available. This is a huge connection network, even comparable to the biggest PPOs in United States.

Dentists who are participating in the Lincoln dental network will provide you with excellent service with free or low cost, depending on your dental insurance plan coverage. There are four other types of Lincoln dental insurance plan, but for the sake of complete information, we’re going to re-list the PPO plan.

Lincoln Dental Network Review – Plans and Customization

List of Lincoln Dental Plans:

  • Preferred provider organization (PPO)
  • Maximum allowable charge (MAC)
  • Certified family plans
  • Dental health maintenance organization (DHMO)
  • Traditional indemnity

All of the plans offer flexible features, including which dental procedures to be covered, etc. This flexibility depends on your preferred budget.

  1. You can adjust the benefits for preventive, basic, major, or even orthodontic care. You can  add or remove optional benefits that fits your need
  2. SmileRewardsSM won’t accumulate preventive procedure cost toward annual maximum
  3. MaxRewards feature will allow unused benefits to roll over

To access the Lincoln Dental Network, you should visit their official site. On the site you simply search for a dentist near you, by entering ZIP code. It’s that easy. The site is also able to help you calculate the possible cost.

Overall, the Lincoln dental insurance, along with their Lincoln dental network is very reliable.

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