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Low Income Dental Insurance Plans

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Low income dental insurance plans. We often said that dental insurance is very important to ensure that you get the best care for your teeth and oral health. However, not everyone have the luxury to have extra money for dental insurance. People with low income often have difficulties to get the best dental care, because they have to cover the cost by themselves. So are there low income dental insurance plans available in United States?

The answer for that question is yes. However, most of them have limited coverage. Usually these low income dental insurance plans cover preventive care, but they only cover a small portion of more complex dental procedures. The insurance companies have to live after all. But is that the end of the road for those who have low income? Apparently not. There are other alternatives to low income dental insurance plans. Today we are going to share everything about this, including how to find free or low cost dental care for people with low income.

Low Income Dental Insurance Plans Alternatives

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Below are some of the popular alternatives to affordable dental plans.

  1. Dental discount plan

The dental discount plan works differently compared to dental insurance. Depending on your discount provider, you may visit their in-network dentist and then you are eligible for dental care with reduced price. The plan is usually cost under $10, and they don’t have deductibles, waiting period, or pre-existing condition limitation. The downside is that the discount may not be as big as you would have expected. The discount varies between 10% to 60% depending on the provider and the monthly cost.

  1. Online discount coupon for dental care
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Although it is seldom found every day, sites that provides daily deals can sometimes provide dental coupon. Usually they cover the preventive dental care, including dental fillings and cleanings.

  1. Ask for personal discount from your dentist

In order to get these low income dental insurance plans alternative, you should meet the doctor beforehand. Explain to him or her the current financial conditions you have. Of course, you should prepare the necessary documents that can prove that you’re coming from low income family. Ask whether the dentist can give you a low cost dental care. Remember, it is important to go to the dentist office during the slow hours to increase your chance of getting low cost dental care.

  1. Go to your state’s American Dental Association

The American Dental Association often held free clinics programs for low income families. You should also inquire about the Mission of Mercy (MOM) and Remote Area Medical (RAM) programs. You can also visit your city or county’s health department. These offices usually know whether there are dental programs aimed for low income families in your city or nearby cities.

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  1. Bartering

This is an uncommon alternative for low income dental insurance plans. However, this bartering system often works. If you have a set of skills, you can try to barter your service with the dental care. For example, if you are a carpenter you can offer the dentist to make a customized cabinetry. Web developers can offer their skills in creating an efficient site for the dentist, etc.

So as you can see, there are many interesting and unusual alternative for low income dental insurance plans. We hope that this post can help you finding the best dental care.


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