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Making a Killer Medical Assistant Cover Letter

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Medical assistant cover letter tips you need to know. Landing a job as a medical assistant is pretty tough, because you are facing a lot of competition. However, do not let this encourage you, and take that first step! The first thing to prepare when hunting for a job is the cover letter and resume. This time we are going to unveal some killer tips on how to create a killer medical assistant cover letter and resume. We will discuss several things, divided into parts. If you follow our tips correctly, you have better chance to grab your potential employer land an interview.


A common mistake often done by fresh graduates when applying for a job as a medical assistant is to start with long, pointless introduction paragraph. Let us tell you a little secret: this kind of cover letter has almost zero chance to get to the next level.

Make sure you make a short, to the point, precise, and easy to read. Focus on these three things: Your NAME, your QUALIFICATIONS, and your WORK EXPERIENCE

Make Sure to Have a List on the medical assistant cover letter

There’s a purpose for this. Psychologically, a list in a one page letter would draw one’s eye, instantly. Therefore, create a list of your strong points such as exceptional grades, have attended multiple training program or have been an intern for several years.

Remember to make it all smooth, and put this list after you mentioned how excited you are to have a chance to work together with your potential employer.

Provide efficient contact info at the end of your cover letter

What’s an efficient contact info for your medical assistant cover letter? A good contact info is more than just listing a phone number. You should also provide several other options for your employer. For example, you can provide them with a phone number, mobile number, and an email address.

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It would be even better if you can have an email address that looks legit and serious. You don’t want to apply using [email protected], right? Make sure you have email address with your name on it such as [email protected]  Another good point is to provide the dates and hours you are available.

End Your Medical Assistant Cover Letter by Say Thanks

I think it is a common knowledge that the gratitude is the best way to end a cover letter. Say your thanks and appreciation for their time, and express your hopes of future calls.

So to wrap things up, here are some career tips you need to pay attention when you are writing a medical assistant cover letter:

  1. Always keep it short. Do your best to conclude everything in a single page
  2. Start strongly, with less chat and to the point style of writing
  3. Make a list of your strong points
  4. Have an efficient contact info so that they can easily call you
  5. Say thanks

I think that is all. In near future we are also going to write some of the medical assistant cover letter samples that you can use. Stay tuned!

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