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Metal Free Dental Implants VS Titanium Dental Implant

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This time we are discussing about metal free dental implant, its difference with titanium dental implant, and also the pros and cons of the procedure compared to other conventional methods of replacing a missing tooth. Dental implant is still considered as the best method to replace your tooth when the dentist considers the damage on your tooth. It comes with many benefits, including:

  1. Natural Look

Nowadays, the denture that is used together with the implants is often custom made. The dentist measures the gap of the teeth, as well as the natural color of your teeth. This measurement and specification is then sent to dental laboratory technician who will then create the perfect denture for you. When you’re done with your dental implant, it is as if your previous tooth was never gone.

  1. Better than bridges and conventional dentures

When it comes to performance, the implant that is screwed into your jawbone can do a much better job supporting the tooth when compared with bridges or conventional denture. For your information, bridges and conventional dentures can’t protect you from bone loss on your jawbone. Both of these methods put stress on neighboring teeth, which may increase the risk of damage in the future.

  1. Works like a natural teeth

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the screwed implant completely and securely support the denture, so after you’ve had your implant you are free from speaking and chewing difficulties, a problem that is often found in conventional denture. In fact, the implant works similarly like your tooth’s root. It blends with the jawbone, preventing bone loss in the long run.

  1. Last for a VERY long time

Your conventional dentures have several risks associated to its longevity, such as gum ridge loose and jawbone loss. Over time, the denture becomes loose because it is also losing its support. The same problem doesn’t exist in a proper dental implant. The screw fuses with the bone, and it acts exactly like the root of your tooth. With proper placement and maintenance, your dental implant and denture can be considered as permanent.

The Risk and the Procedure

The dental implant procedure is considered to be very safe, but there’s always a risk associated to this procedure, even though it is small. Small risk of bleeding, nasal cavity injury, and infection is present, much like in any other dental surgery procedure. To avoid these risks, it is important that you work together with a reputable dentist and dental surgeon.

The procedure usually takes a while. You might have heard about one day dental implant, which basically refer to a procedure that immediately place dental implant and denture in the same day. Well, we cannot recommend you to take that, because the proper procedure will require quite a lot of visit to the dentist.

First, there’s the preliminary examination in which the dentist prepare the socket and measure the specification needed for the denture. Even after the screw is placed, you still have to wait for up to 6 months, allowing the screw to fuse with the bone. After the fuse, your dentist will then place the custom-made denture.

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Metal Free Dental Implants VS Titanium Dental Implants

Typically dental implant screw is made out of a specific metal called titanium, which is deemed perfectly safe by the American Dental Association. However, there are other alternatives that can also provide good anchor. Some dental offices are offering Zirconia or ceramic as the replacement of titanium. In terms of performance, there’s not much of a difference, really. However, since it is a metal free dental implant you have less chance of corrosion and experiencing low level electrical current, two concerns that are related to metal-based implants.

That being said, these two claims are still investigated and researched so that the American Dental Association can really tell if it really significant or not. One thing for sure, if you are concern about sensitivity, doesn’t want to risk yourself with the so-called ‘battery effect’, or you simply don’t want any metal added into your body, you might want to consider this as a holistic solution.

Metal Free Dental Implants Cost

Typically a metal-free dental implant is much more expensive than titanium-based dental implant, so be prepared to dig in deep into your pocket, because almost all (if not every) dental insurance plans don’t cover for non-medically necessary dental implants. Based on our search, there’s also no dental implant grant available to date, so you’re on your own.

In my opinion, the most important thing is the patient’s decision after they are properly informed with the properties of titanium and zirconium dental implant. The amount of data related to this metal-free dental implant is still low, and even though some people believe that it works like a charm, it’s not like the titanium dental implant is a bad solution either. Both titanium and metal-free implants are good, so I recommend you to estimate your budget, because you don’t want to be broke just because a difference in implant.

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