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Missing Teeth Treatment Options – 3 Different Solutions

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Nobody likes to have missing teeth, and this has been a long problem among many people for many, many years. Various options to treat missing teeth have been developed, and thankfully we are currently in an era where you can get a replacement that looks just as good as the original one. The advance technology of dentistry allows you to do that, for a price. Now if you are looking for a more budget friendly option to replace missing teeth, there’s also a solution.

Today’s post we will give you three different options to replace missing teeth, and hopefully you can understand the three options you have so that you can consult your dentist comfortably because you have good knowledge about this. Incidentally, we will also give you the pros and cons of each procedure.

Removable Denture – An Affordable Option

If you’re looking for something that is affordable options to replace missing tooth or teeth, you should consider getting partial dentures. The pros of this option is that it can replace multiple teeth in just one go. Moreover, it is currently the cheapest way to replace missing teeth.

Of course, there are several cons or drawbacks, including the uncomfortable use (because it can be quite wobbly sometimes) and less appeal compared to the other solutions.

Dental Bridge – Midrange Option

Dental bridge is an interesting (and controversial for some) method to treat missing teeth. The cost of the dental bridge is certainly higher than removable dentures because the dentist has to prepare each of the teeth beside the missing tooth (teeth) for the bridge.

After that, some measurements are taken and the dentist will send the specification to dental laboratory technician. After that the fake teeth will be placed accordingly. The benefit of dental bridge is that it is more stable and look more natural than the removable appliances. The disadvantage would be you have to sacrifice two teeth (which may be just fine) to get the dental bridge.

Dental Implants – Perfect, yet Costly Option

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Last but not least, there’s dental implant procedure. We’ve written a lot about how dental implant work, but allow us to explain briefly about this best missing teeth replacement. Dental implant first step is incorporating a titanium screw inside your jawbone through dental surgery. After that, you need to wait for the integration process.

After the titanium screw is integrated successfully in your jawbone, the denture is then placed above the implant. This is by far the best treatment for missing teeth because the dental implant can imitate the function of your teeth perfectly. The titanium screw helps prevent bone loss and add a very sturdy base for the denture. The denture is usually custom made, which looks perfectly like a normal tooth. The only dental implant cons is its cost. It’s a long term investment. Many people try to find financial assistance for dental implants, but sadly there’s no such thing. Most people who underwent the procedure use the financing option either from the dental clinic or health financing companies such as CareCredit etc.

Now you know your options in replacing missing teeth. Which one will you choose?


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