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My Smile Dental Plan Reviews and Customer’s Testimony

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Are you looking for a dental plan? If yes, what kind of dental plan you want to choose? Well, actually there are so many choices for you. If you love to choose My Smile Dental Plan, maybe some reviews from people below will give you some image about that. Here are some reviews on My Smile dental care.

Good and Bad Things from My Smile Dental Plan

This review is from a woman named Anna K. She said that she went there to get scale as well as clean. And the job was done well by the dental care. And she heard about the smile, too. But she said that in My Smile Dental Plan, she expected to save some money a little bit. Yet when she got the saving, her old dentist scaled and cleaned with the old price and the price was the same. She thought that her teeth weren’t bad. That’s why she only needed some checkups.

She was told, too, by the official website of My Smile that she would save heaps, yet she didn’t even save what she paid for membership. And she will go for one more checkup in six months yet the saving which she made combined from the 1st as well as 2nd trip won’t pay off its membership. This kind of service from My Smile Dental Plan might be a good product for the people who need to have a lot of dental done. But for people who only need clean every, let’s say, 6 months, the product from My Smile might not be necessary.

The second My Smile Dental Plan review is from a woman named Donna. She said that My Smile Dental Plan has changed her life and also her smile. Since joining My Smile Dental Plan, she thinks that she has been able to receive the dental treatment she simply couldn’t afford without it. The dentists that she saw was very much kind. Furthermore, she also thinks that the dentist was very professional and helpful.

She has recommended My Smile Dental Plan to all of her friends as well as her family. She also recommends My Smile Dental care to people who require a dental treatment but they struggle to afford the high cost which is so shocking for seeing a dentist. Her mouth and smile are much better now. She thanks to My Smile Dental Plan. And she recommends people to join sooner.

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Description: My Smile Dental Plan has been proven to be much recommended. Even some people believe that people should join it sooner for better smile.


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