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Oral B VS Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

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Oral B VS SoniCare Electric Toothbrush – Ever since the electric toothbrush goes mainstream, there are more and more people are starting to use them instead of using regular brush. There are many electric toothbrush advantages compared to ther regular one, but in general they simply clean better than the conventional brush. This time we will compare two leading products from the largest companies in the United States.

Oral B and SoniCare are undoubtedly very famous, and I am sure that almost every American citizen know these two companies. They are neck in neck competition in various products, and the latest one would be the battle in the electric toothbrush category.

In the red corner, there’s the Oral B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide Electric Toothbrush, while in the blue corner we have Phillips SoniCare DiamondClean Rechargeable Electric Toothrbrush. Both are madly popular, but which one is the best? What are the difference between Oral B VS SoniCare toothbrush?

Oral B VS SoniCare: SmartSeries 5000 VS DiamondClean

The Oral B Smartseries 5000 works with rotating strokes of brush, while the SoniCare works with lateral vibrations. Some dentist recommend the latter, but there are other dentists who believe that rotating strokes is just as efficient as lateral strokes. At the end of the day, both produces good result for me and it all comes to your taste.

If you consider the battery, the SoniCare DiamondClean is way ahead of the Oral B SmartSeries 5000. The SoniCare comes with a battery that can last up to three weeks, while the Oral B only offer about 10 days of use. SoniCare also comes with a trendy travel case, which makes it even perfect for people who travel a lot. Did we mention that the travel case can act as USB travel charger too?

On the other hands, I think the best selling point of the Oral B electric toothbrush is its price range and also its features. We really like the built in pressure sensor that will prevent you to brush your teeth too hard. As you may have known, brushing too hard may result in teeth sensitivity in the long run. Therefore, we really appreciate this feature.

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In addition, the Oral B Smartseries 5000 is significantly cheaper than the SoniCare Diamondclean. The price of the SoniCare electric toothbrush is almost twice the price of Oral B electric toothbrush. The brush head from Oral B is also cheaper (about $7 each) compared to the brush head from SoniCare (about $12 each). For your information, the optimum use of these brush head is about three to four months, so it is recommended to replace the brush head every 3-4 months.

In general both SoniCare DiamondClean and Oral B SmartSeries electric toothbrush comes with their own advantages. Both has a very effective way to clean your teeth, so if you want to choose between the two products you may want to consider their feature, battery, additional items, and price. Make sure you choose the right electric toothbrush that fit your need.

So tell me, which one do you choose in this Oral B VS SoniCare electric toothbrush comparison?

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