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Oral Lichen Planus Treatment Homeopathy and Lifestyle

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Have you ever heard about oral lichen planus? Although it is also common seeing this condition on other parts of your body, this condition may also appear in the mouth, which is then called the oral lichen planus. This condition can happen in anyone, but statistics show that middle aged persons are more likely to develop this condition.

Oral Lichen Planus Symptoms and Causes

The oral lichen planus symptoms typically show as white patches in mouth areas, including cheeks, tongue and gums. The white patches are commonly painless, but there are some cases where people with oral lichen planus find it hard to eat spicy foods because there are redness or ulcers. The symptoms may get worse when the patient is stress, depressed, spicy foods and acidic fruits

There are many possible oral lichen planus causes, so it is practically impossible to pin point the exact reason for the condition. It could be because weakened immune system, reaction to medicines, hepatitis C, etc. This condition is long-lasting, and usually treatment is done when the patient feel pain. In most cases the oral lichen planus only causes discomfort, but around 1-3% of the people experiencing this problem have an increased risk of oral cancer.

Oral Lichen Planus Treatment – Homeopathy and Lifestyle

To avoid oral lichen planus, it is important to keep healthy oral habit, including cleaning (brushing and flossing) the teeth just before you go to bed and brushing after you eat your breakfast. Regular visit to the dentist is also important aspect to keep the mouth healthy and avoid increased risk of oral lichen planus. If you smoke or drink alcohol, you may want to stop doing that because it is known that these two habits can increase the risk of serious case of lining in your mouth. Last but not least, eat healthy foods and increase fruit and vegetables intake to strengthen your immune system.

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There have been some reports that going on gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free diet may lessen the symptoms of OLP. Once again, avoid spicy, hot and acid type foods like pineapple and tomatoes. Stay as far as you can from stress by trying exercises that calms you like yoga or meditation.

There have been some oral lichen planus homeopathic treatments offered by various brands, including Merc Sol and Borax. These two OLP treatment homeopathies are pretty reputable, but since we haven’t been able to test it out yet, we highly recommend anyone that’s going to try the treatment to consult to their dentist or dermatologist first!

We understand how hard it is to have the OLP, but don’t give up! Remember, your dermatologist and dentist are here to help you with the oral lichen planus treatment using natural home remedies or medical prescription such as cream or steroids. Trust them and you’ll be fine.

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