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Our Expert’s Take on DeltaCare USA – a Review

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What is DeltaCare USA? How are the reviews? Before we answer these question you need to know that we are NOT affiliated with Delta Dental, and what we post here is purely our opinion on this plan. We always try to be as objective as we can. As you know, dental insurance plan works in different systems. Some insurance plans use the PPO network system, while other use the DHMO.


The DeltaCare USA is Delta Dental’s DHMO network. The DHMO stands for Dental Health Maintenance Organization, and partially it is quite similar to the dental PPO network. In general, the DHMO system embraces many dentists who work as network providers, much like the PPO plan. The difference between DHMO system and the PPO system is that the dentist get monthly compensation.

Another difference between the two dental insurance is the features they offer. Most of the DHMO dental insurance plans have no deductibles. Moreover, they have little or no waiting period. The system used for this kind of insurance is copayments, meaning that you will pay together with your dental insurance provider (in this case, the Delta Dental). The percentage of cost sharing is determined by the type of dental work or procedure you’re going through.

Although the system sounds wonderful, there are actually several other things you need to consider. First, the amount of dentist inside the DHMO network is not as abundant as the dentists in a PPO network. In addition, you need to appoint one a primary care dentist from the network. After that, all of your dental care will be performed by that dentist, unless there are some special circumstances he or she might give you referrals to the specialists.

The DeltaCare USA, trough their dentists provides free or cheap co-payments for preventive care. Meanwhile, major dental work such as bridges and crowns are also covered (although the insurance plan typically covers 25% of the cost).

We highly recommend the Delta Dental DHMO insurance plan and its DeltaCare network simply because the fact that their plan is pretty transparent and straightforward. Therefore, as long as you understand the plan completely, you can benefit from the plan!

DeltaCare USA – Dental Plans Description

In conclusion, below are some of the DeltaCare USA benefits you may want to consider:

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  1. No deductible and waiting periods
  2. No pre-existing conditions exclusions and missing teeth exclusions
  3. No annual maximum benefits
  4. Preventive and diagnostic dental work for free or at least minimum copayment
  5. Easy claim done by the dentist office staff
  6. Honest and transparent cost estimation for each dental work procedure
  7. Access for dental specialist is available trough the primary care dentist recommendation
  8. Cover 250 dental health care procedures

Some of these features are not available in the typical PPO dental insurance plan. In your typical PPO dental insurance plan, you have to wait for about a year before you can get major dental work benefits. Moreover, there may be pre-existing conditions exclusions.The only downside of the DeltaCare USA plan from Delta Dental is that the network may not as big as the popular PPO plan. But then again, Delta Dental is one of the largest dental insurance companies in United States. Their DHMO network is also one of the largest dentist networks in United States

So, have you made your decision to use the Delta Dental’s DeltaCare USA plan?



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