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Our Honest Ocean Dental Complaints and Reviews

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Just like many other clinics, there are also Ocean Dental complaints and bad reviews coming from their customers. We’ve collected several complaints based on the people who have sent their children to this pediatric-focused dental clinic. We summarize their complaints, in order to save you from the emotional burst of the people. We took the liberty on getting the information needed from several review sites, which collected testimonies from various people.

However, before we continue we would like to remind you that the complaints don’t necessarily mean that the clinic is bad altogether, because there is always two sides of a coin. There are also significant amount of people who said that they had no problem with the Ocean Dental clinic for years.

The Ocean Dental has many clinics across the country, mostly in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. They also have offices in Los Angeles.

Real Ocean Dental Complaints

One user said that during the time she brought her daughter to the clinic, she wasn’t allowed to accompany here inside the room. She heard her daughter cried during the process, and after the process her daughter said that the team didn’t add the sedation, even though she honestly said that it hurts. Her daughter also said that she was yelled at. When she confronted the management, they denied everything.

Another user complained about the environment of the clinic. She said that the staff was not at the best of mood, probably because there are many patients coming in and out of this Medicaid dental clinic.

Other users’ common complaints are the below-standard services that seem to be hurried up, which is probably because the Ocean Dental clinic’s management strategy to serve a large number patients as possible.

Real Ocean Dental Review

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As we have said earlier, there are also some people who have no problem with the clinic. Some even said that their child has been a regular costumer of the clinic for more than 6 years, and found no problem at all. In their case, the exam room is always left open during the process, and she can enter the room if she wanted to.

While some people said that the staff are unfriendly, others have good experience with the staff. They claimed that during their visit the staff was professional, and able to do their job efficiently.

Overall, the average rating for this clinic, based on the review sites are 3 out of 5, which can be counted as decent. The average number of positive review and complaints are pretty much the same. Since there are many offices spread in the country, we recommend you to ask around the neighbors for additional information about their experience using the dental clinic service.

Hopefully this honest Ocean Dental complaints and reviews can help you to make a decision!



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