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Q&A: DIY Natural Teeth Whitening using Activated Charcoal

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We’ve talked about how to use activated charcoal to whiten teeth in our previous post. This time around we’re going to discuss the DIY teeth whitening methods and the concerns about it, asked by many of our readers.

Activated Charcoal for DIY Natural Teeth Whitening

Does it Work?

Apparently so. At least that’s what I can conclude from various reviews. I am going to be honest, I never tried this method before, but the before-after photos of teeth whitening using activated charcoal are pretty convincing, although it cannot be compared with professional grade whitening performed by the dentist.

Is charcoal safe for sensitive teeth?

Teeth sensitivity is definitely one of the main concerns we’ve heard so far. After all, the application of activated charcoal is mainly by brushing it with your toothbrush. The charcoal itself is rather grainy, so it might have some abrasive properties.

Some dentists openly speak about this concern. Therefore, if you have a sensitive teeth you might want to brush really gently. It would be even better if you use the charcoal without brushing it. Simply use a damp cloth and tap the charcoal on the teeth surface, and then let it sit there for two minutes. Rinse well and you’re done.

Needless to say, the result won’t be as good as applying it by brushing. But at least that will reduce your concerns of teeth sensitivity, right?

Does the charcoal stains Crowns/Veneers/Fillings?

Again, as I have mentioned earlier, I cannot provide you with first-hand experience on this. I do get some comments about this from some readers saying that the charcoal does not stain fillings, veneers and crowns. But then again, since veneers, crowns, and fillings might have different materials, the result may vary. That is why we highly recommend you consulting to your dentist about this plan. Preventive measure is always a wise thing to do, right?

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What kind of stains effectively removed with activated charcoal?

The activated charcoal usually works best to bind and remove stains caused by beverages and foods such as coffee and tea. If your teeth is yellowed due to medication or internal problems such as lack of calcium, it might not work.

Does the charcoal take away calcium?

Apparently not. We’ve mentioned in our previous post that the charcoal binds stains and other organic compounds. I have not heard yet about charcoal binding minerals. Therefore, I think it is fairly safe to say that the charcoal won’t take away calcium from your teeth.

Don’t forget to share some comments using our comment section below. Have you ever tried this DIY natural teeth whitening method?


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