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RECIPE: 1 ingredient Teethers for Allergic Babies

Recently I am in the mood of making teething biscuits and other teething alternatives for babies, even though there’s no more babies in the house. I usually give them to my neighbour’s baby, haha.

This time around I’m making yet another very easy and super simple baby teethers! As you might have read from our previous posts about these baby teething biscuits recipes, most of them contain wheats, nuts, soy, or eggs. Those recipes might not be usable for parents whose babies are allergic.

We sincerely hope that this recipe can help them making gluten-free teethers that are free from allergens. This teething biscuits alternative contains only one ingredient: APPLES!

You just need to prepare 1 apple, a baking tray with parchment-lined sheet, and an oven or microwave.

To make this fruit teethers, all you need to is to make thin slices of apples (don’t forget to remove the seeds). After that, place the apple slices on a baking tray covered with parchment-lined sheet, and bake/microwave them. Don’t forget to let them cool before you give it to your baby.

FUN TIPS: Make A LOT, because apparently even adults love them! I mean, who wouldn’t love apple chips, right?Don’t forget to share this allergen-free teething recipe with your fellow moms, everywhere!

Thanks for our friends at Babble for this amazing recipe. If you want another amazing recipe for your non-allergic babies, here’s one that can be made in just 60 seconds!

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