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Registered Dental Assistant Salary in California (LA, San Diego, Sacramento, etc)

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What is the average salary of registered dental assistant in California cities such as LA, San Diego, Sacramento, etc? In our previous post we’ve talked a little bit about the average salary for RDA in the United States. However, those numbers on the list are merely the national average. There’s always difference between each state.

How about California? Well, luckily California is one of the best paying states for registered dental assistants. Most of the cities here have a higher average wage when it comes to dental assistant. In today’s post you will learn the best cities in California to become an RDA, and their average pay.

Best Cities to Become a Dental Assistant in California

There are four popular cities to pursue a career as an RDA, including the city of Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, and Fresno. While other cities do have better salary than the national average, these four cities are the best when it comes to the hourly rate. Hence, these are the most generous cities in CA for dental assistants.

Registered Dental Assistant Salary in LA, Sacramento, San Diego and Fresno

Los Angeles has the highest median paycheck for RDA in CA with $37,400. The lowest percentile got around $28,658 per year while the highest percentile got around $45,000. Sacramento is our next best city with the median salary of $37,000. There’s not much of a difference with LA when it comes to the lowest and the highest percentile.

Meanwhile, dental assistants in San Diego and Fresno, CA enjoy a slightly lower median salary of $36,300 and $34,700, respectively. There’s also around $1,000 difference in the lowest percentile of the data.

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If you are currently a fresh-graduate dental assistant with minimum experience, we recommend setting your goal to get a higher salary than the lowest percentile of the RDA average salary in California. We understand that you want to have a big salary as soon as possible, but you have to be realistic because of the three major factors that determine the payscale: experience, education and location. You’ve done all you can with the location and choosing California is indeed a good decision. However, new dental assistant still lacks in experience and education.

Please do share your opinion and your experience about this. We would love to hear from fellow dental assistant who have worked in California cities! I hope that this post can give you a rough idea on the ideal and the average registered dental assistant salary in California cities, including LA, Sacramento, San Diego and Fresno.

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