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Senior Dental Care: Finding Cheap and Affordable Options

Being a senior often means that you lost most of your income, limiting you from getting what you need. There are many necessities for the elderly, and good and affordable dental care would be one of them. This may sound trivial, but having a healthy dental and oral health is extremely important because it has been proven that it can reduce risks of other health conditions.

That being said, the limited income often restricts these seniors to get the much-needed dental care. They can’t rely on Medicare because now dental benefit is out of the option. Meanwhile, the Medicaid’s dental coverage differs from state to state, but most of the state offers a limited option for dental coverage. Where can these seniors find help? Below are the top 5 reliable sources for the elderly:

Senior Dental Care Affordable Options

Program for All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

Provided by both Medicaid and Medicare program, it’s an excellent program that gives out assistance for various health care procedures for those who are in need. The elderly is often considered as one of the eligible candidates, and although the program offers different benefits in different states, most states do cover dental benefits. You can learn more about this program here.

Administration on Aging

The office of Administration on Aging provides a wide array of information and database about the available health care services that can help the elderly. They categorize the services, so you can also search for other benefits available near you and not limited to dental care. For example, you can also rely on them to find help for transportation assistance and legal assistance.

This is a marvelous website run by the OHA (Oral Health America) that provides various information related to dental and health resources for the seniors. They can help you find good health resources in your state, county or city; including dental health resources. Visit their website here.

United Way

The 211 call line is famous for its wide network and database. Just call them and explain your condition. They will assist you by giving you a list of available services in your area that can help with your dental care. Visit their website here

Dental Schools

Dental school is often a great choice for those who need affordable option for their dental care, such as senior citizen. Although not every dental school or dental hygienist provide additional discount for the elderly, some still do (you may have to provide some documents to prove your earning, etc). Call the nearest dental school near your location and ask them if they have such program.

So you see, there are still other affordable options for senior dental care available out there. Share comments under and please do inform us if you know any additional information that can help the seniors.


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