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SHOCKING TRUTH about Dental Implants in One Day

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I am sure that at some point of your life you’ve must have heard about one day dental implant procedure. There are many advertisements released out there saying that this would be the fastest solution to get your smile back with a very affordable cost. But is it true?

Although the idea of dental implants in one day is an interesting one, to be honest it is nearly impossible for a dentist and the patient to be able to complete the whole procedure in just one day. There are various things to consider, and in all honesty we here at would love to explain briefly about the reason why one-day dental implant procedure is near impossible.

What is Dental Implants Procedure?

Dental implant is one of the trickiest procedures in dental care. It involves various medical professional and skills to ensure that the process is done under good safety standard, hence will result in great success. It is basically an artificial tooth with artificial root (titanium root, to be exact). The end result is a near-perfect fake tooth that is steady, sturdy, looks and performs just like a real tooth (it even prevents bone loss). People with dental implant have no problem speaking or eating, they can even eat steak with ease!

One Day Dental Implants: Is it Possible?

Dental implant procedure is started by the examination by a dentist, which include X-ray photo taking. After that, the dentist will examine the X-ray to see if the jawbone is still good enough for the implant. This means that the jaw bone have the ability to integrate with the titanium root. If not, additional procedure such as bone grafting might be done first before they can place the titanium implant. The dentist will also perform some measurement to ensure that the artificial tooth / teeth have the perfect color and size, just like your original teeth.

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After the bone grafting is done and the area is healed, then the oral surgeon can start to put the titanium implant. After this procedure, you HAVE to allow the titanium implant to integrate with the jawbone for about 4-6 months. Only after the implant is properly merged with the jawbone then the artificial tooth can be placed.

Therefore, it is the nature of the procedure that it would take more than six months to complete. Here’s our tip: be careful when you are offered one day dental implants, because it possess some serious risks. Most of the offers use a non-custom implant and fake tooth with much lower quality than the ones usually used in dental office. The rushed procedure can also increase the chance of damaging your jawbone, which can lead to serious infection.

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This is the shocking truth about dental implants in one day. Sadly, quality does comes with a price here in United States, especially for dental care. Dental implant remains one of the most expensive procedures in dentistry and it is very hard to find dental insurance plan that covers it because it is considered as a cosmetic dental procedure.

I hope everyone who read this post can learn more about these dental implants in one day and decide to avoid them.


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