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Siskiyou Dental Grants Pass – Solution for an Affordable Health Care

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In the following is a community health service which starts the career from an old farmhouse since 1973. Previously, it called Takilma Prople Clinic and then known as Siskiyou Community Health Center (SCHC). In their mission, the clinic would like to give high quality service to everyone regardless of race, age, gender, lifestyle, financial status, values, or ability. Specifically in Grants Pass, the community also provides dental prevention program and Siskiyou Dental Grants Pass with a mobile unit of CareVan.

Siskiyou Dental Grants Pass Program

Siskiyou itself opens a solution to give an affordable health service in high quality in many cases. Not only dental, Siskiyou Dental Grants Pass also has more in pharmacy, healthy families/project baby check, behavioral health, medical (walk-in clinic, diabetes management, chronic disease management, OB/maternity, laboratory services, pediatric, coumadin clinic, and family planning) until school based health centers in Cave Junction. The school provides children for a quality health care as well as health education.

As previously stated, dental prevention program is one of programs in Siskiyou Dental Grants Pass. It offers every child a dental preventive treatment through school at only little even no cost at all. Namely Kids Smile, the mission is aimed to make more smiles in their adorable face. The kids will learn about visual dental health screening and apply preventive flouride varnish and sealants to teeth. It gains more knowledge to child related to good habit for healthy teeth. There will be a report or referral of findings including treatment to be sent to each kid’s home in this Siskiyou community dental clinic grants pass.

The kids also allows to get further examination when they have other concerns by making an appointment to the specialist doctors provided by the Siskiyou Dental Grants Pass. Dental disease should be treated properly and it should be concerned by all parents where they need to lead and educate their kids to prevent chronic problem. Next, there is also CareVan mobile unit as part of the health care’s dental prevention program. This also becomes a breakthrough to reach more kids to be treated.

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In the CareVan, the Siskiyou Dental Grants Pass Oregon also provides health services and education to children throughout Josephine County. To access the CareVan, people can see the Siskiyou Dental Grants Pass at such as kids dash, north valley community safety fair, kids care fair, illionis valley pet parade, Saturday parkways, YMCA healthy kids day, and Illinois valley health & wellness fair. To see more information like experienced doctors list, location, and contact, go search on

Description: Siskiyou Dental Grants Pass provides solution for an affordable health care and education specifically for children. See further information of program in here.

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