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Smile Bright Dental Plan Reviews: The Complaints

Teeth are something important for many people. And when they have to choose dental care service, it takes quite long time to think about the dental care. Which of the dental care is better and the best for you? Have you ever heard about Smile Bright Dental Plan? If not yet, you need to see some reviews talking about Smile Bright dental service.

Think Before Visiting Smile Bright Dental Plan

The name of the reviewers isn’t mentioned. This person said that she filed second complaint since he didn’t get addressed problem with a false advertising. She had been trying to send Smile Bright Dental Plan one copy of the advertisement which said that exams and x-rays were free. In fact she was suddenly charged $44 for that treatment. And this was actually becoming the basic complaint for Smile Bright Dental.

She took the settlement of the partial payment since she figured that was all she would get from the treatment or the service. But it was still not right that he justified that the exam would’ve been more without the plan he made when in fact, the treatments are x-rays and exams were advertised as free. She would try one more time to download that advertisement yet she had a new computer with windows 8 in it. She had very hard time downloading or even loading anything in Smile Bright Dental Plan website.

She finally thinks that she got it so that dental care could see what she was talking about. And yes, she said that she had problem with the settling for more or less $109. Only she still thinks until now it was actually a false advertising and she wants her $44 back, too.  Another Smile Bright Dental Plan review is from another person. She said that she would accept the refund ($109) but the advertisement that Small Bright has sent to her that it stated clearly the x-rays and the exams were free. And this wasn’t the case.

She didn’t know what it meant by her doctor that it wasn’t being free. And it was totally the fee for herself and at that moment for her father. The dentists charged her $12 for extra charge for every little thing that he did, which means that it adds more or less $100 in $12 charges. And that was for her very ridiculous. She still thinks that this Smile Bright Dental Plan is kind of scam.

Description: Smile Bright Dental Plan from the customers shows how they are disappointed with the advertising saying the x-rays and exams were free but in fact they weren’t.

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