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Smokeless Tobacco Cancer Risk Explained

As a dentist, many of my patients asked about smokeless tobacco cancer facts and risks. Smokeless tobacco may come in two forms: chewing tobacco and snus. That said, no matter what form it has, smokeless tobacco can cause serious health problems, and one of the most serious effects of smokeless tobacco would be increased risk of mouth cancer.

The main ingredients commonly found in a typical smokeless tobacco include sugar, salt, spices, flavorings, lime, areca nut, and the addictive nicotine derived from tobacco. Just like cigarette, there are many poisonous ingredients and dangerous chemicals in this product, and a number of them are carcinogen.

Smokeless Tobacco Cancer Risk Facts

People with habit of chewing this product allow these carcinogens to be released in their mouth, hence increasing the risk of mouth cancer exponentially. People who use the product are four times more likely to develop a mouth cancer. Other cancer risks are also increased, including throat cancer, stomach cancer, oesophagus cancer, and other digestive cancer.

Dentists all agree that people should never use this product. But if you find it hard to leave the habit due to the addictive ingredient, you can ask for help from the dentist too. Regular visit is very important, so that the dentist can examine the mouth and see if there are any early signs of mouth cancer.

Mouth cancer symptoms may look like a white/red patch in mouth, unusual swellings, or painless mouth ulcer.

Many people mistakenly think that the product is much better than cigarette. The reality is that both are dangerous for your health. In fact, smokeless tobacco is far more dangerous compared to cigarette! Many researches have confirmed that people who smoke or use smokeless tobacco have a much worse chance of getting serious health problems including increased cholesterol, increased chance of strokes and heart disease, increased chance of type-2 diabetes, lung diseases, dementia, impotency and premature births.

To be free from smokeless tobacco, you need to assess the real reason why you use the product in the first place. There are some people using it to escape boredom, some people using it assuming that it can help their digestion, while others started to use the product to deal with gum and tooth pain. Be honest with your dentist then they will be able to provide you with the best solution.

Don’t give up even if you fail to quit the smokeless tobacco on the first or second try. Many people experience that too, and it’s totally normal. Smokeless tobacco is a much worse enemy than cigarette; hence it takes lots of extra effort and commitment than quitting cigarette. The most important thing is to never give up!

So in short: smokeless tobacco mouth cancer risk is much greater than cigarette, it is related to various serious diseases, and people should absolutely quit using them.


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