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The Effects of Fasting to Dental Health

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People whose religion is Islam always have this fasting tradition during the month pd Ramadhan. However, fasting habit ia not exclusive to Islam, but people from other religion have long be acquaintanced with the fasting. You can find jews, Christianity, etc.

For those who haven’t tried on fasting before and then he or she meet up with someone fasting may catch a glimpse of unpleasant smell from th person’s mouth. This may make you wonder: is fasting really good for your oral health?

Fasting and Dental care

It may come as a surpriae, but fasting is actually good for your teeth. During fasting the enzymes and other important aspects of your body work more efficiently. They fix our digestion system.

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I guess you can say that fasting is a great way for our digestion process to take some rest and giving it time to readjust and fix your body. Some say that after they fast, there’s a significant improvements seen, including the strengthening the teeth and gum area.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and go go fasting. But of course if you are not a Muslim you may skip this.  You are also to avoid fasting if your dentist precribe antibiotics in order to fight gum diseases.

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