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The Myth of Clove Oil for Teething – Fact or Hoax?

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Your grandmother might say that your baby need clove oil for teething process, but before you do that please read this post first! As a mother it is absolutely normal to have the feeling of wanting to help your baby during its uncomfortable teething period. However, a mother should also be aware and informed because not every myth you hear is right.

Busting the Myth of Clove Oil for Teething

Cloves can be considered has a strong taste and smell, and it is often used in various purposes including cooking, aromatherapy, etc. In all cases, the amount of ground cloves used in those circumstances is very small. You can only imagine the effect when that clove is made into a concentrated essential oil, and you rub them inside your baby’s mouth.

Some possible side effects of clove oil for baby teething is redness and irritation, which happens immediately after applying the oil. Another possible symptom is sensitization which might happen after several usage of this oil.

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IMPORTANT: Recent report from Essential Oil Safety¸ the clove oil should not be used on children under 2 because it comes with a moderate risk of irritation and skin sensitization. The use of clove oil essentials are allowed only in adults (which still have to be diluted, using only .5% clove oil essentials)

Some people might argue by saying that their family has been using this homeopathic treatment for teething for generations, but it is still important to remember that everyone have different tolerance when it comes to strong materials like this. If the parents have a skin that is hypersensitive, then it is recommended to avoid using it.

So bottom line is: do your baby a favor and avoid using clove oil for their teething period.

Baby Teething Home Remedies

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Is there any other options? I’m glad you ask! There are several ways to help your baby to cope with teething discomfort, including:

Teething Ring (Cooled)

A cold, sterile teething ring is often the best possible way to make your baby comfortable during this period. There are many products of this kind available on the market, but always choose the non-liquid one (to ensure the hygiene and avoid the god-knows-what water inside leaking out). Place the teething toy inside a fridge and let it cool. Alternatively, you can use the pacifier or a spoon (all sterilized, of course) to replace the teething toy. If you use the spoon, you can add some gum massage for your baby to help him calm.

Hydrosols or Lavender Oil (diluted)

You can buy hydrosols that are made for babies on the market, or if you insist on using essential oil as the teething home remedy you can use lavender oil instead. Remember to dilute the oil! Use a .25% dilution, meaning that you use one drop of the lavender oil and then add 4 spoon of carrier oil. Although there are some reviewers online stating that it requires more to get the wanted effect, that percentage is the safest bet.

I hope now you know why we cannot recommend using clove oil for teething in babies. Don’t forget to add comments under and share your stories!

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