The Secret to Beat Dental Fear or Phobia

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The Secret to Beat Dental Fear or Phobia

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Before we continue, please read on one of the patient’s experience with his dental phobia or fear of dentist:

“Believe it or not, when I was a kid I had this absurd fear of the dentist. Perhaps it had something to do with a thriller horror movie I watched, where the bad guy was this crazy dentist. He tortured his victims using dentistry methods. From then on, I’ve always subconsciously consider dentist as somebody that is evil and love to torture. I know it sounds ridiculous, but this ridiculous dental phobia prevented me from getting a proper dental care.

The peak was when I felt sudden pain in the furthest area in my teeth, the third molar teeth a.k.a. the wisdom teeth. At first I just accepted the pain but over the time the pain was getting more and more serious. I couldn’t eat without enduring the tooth pain.

Therefore, I made a hard decision to visit a dentist. Apparently, I felt much less pain than I have anticipated, and riding on that momentum I had all my three impacted wisdom tooth removed during the course of several days. Now I live happily and I am free from the pain.”

Secrets in Beating Dental Fear and Phobia

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Now here’s some of the key points in order to beat your dental phobia:

  • The first thing you ought to do is to do a little research about the dental office that have good staff and dentists that can relate to your case. One of the best way to do this is to visit the office and ask if the dentist can tend fearful patients. Should you find that the staffs are dismissive or unfriendly, just walk away and find a new office.
  • Being assertive is not a bad thing, especially if you have a dental fear. Explain to your dentist that you are anxious and normally you would avoid the dentist out of fear. This way the dentist will be extra careful and make sure you’re comfortable during the process.
  • You can also ask for someone close to you to accompany you during the whole process. This may be able to reduce some of the anxiety.

  • You can also ask the dentist a permission to bring iPod or your smartphone and listen to the music while using headphones. Sometimes dismissing the sound of the office can help, and the music lets you distracted.
  • Take a deep breath, hold it for a second or two and then release it slowly. This is a relaxation breathing technique and it calms your heart.
  • For some severe cases, visiting a psychologist to cure the fear first may be needed, but most of the dental phobia cases are not that severe.
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We admit that overcoming dental phobia or dental fear is not an easy task. Having no control in the dental chair can be quite a daunting experience indeed, because you don’t have any control and you have to trust the dentist completely.

However, becoming pain free and eating normally again will make it all worth it. Do our expert tips we’ve mentioned above and hopefully you will be able to reduce your dental fear or dental phobia and get that much needed dental procedure!


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