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Things Should Be There in Dental Implant Consent Form

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Have you ever heard anything about dental implant? It’s very successful as well as accepted treatment choice for replacing the missing or lost teeth. Dental implant itself is very essential because it uses an artificial or some artificial teeth root that can possibly be used for supporting numbers of the dental prostheses like dentures, crowns, and bridges. Because it’s very essential, the patients need dental implant consent form.

The implant fixture and the artificial root commonly are connected to one supporting structure by way of the screw which supports the replacement or teeth or tooth. The implant itself is constructed of a biocompatible and strong material which is called as titanium. It becomes the integrated with jaw bone. And the process is called as osseo-integration. Considering the importance of this medical treatment, it is recommended to have dental implant consent form.

Dental Implant Consent Form: Get to Know It

As said before, when patients need to have dental implant, they have to make a consent form of dental implant. It’s very important since the function of a consent form is to make sure that your implant runs well and it’s based on some considerations. Here are some important things which need to be attached in the dental implant consent form.

  1. Name

It contains name of the patients. It should be a full name based on ID card owned by the patient.

  1. Date of birth

This part contains information related to the birth date and sometimes place, too.

  1. Statement

The statement in dental implant consent form says that you (as the patient) have a right to make any decision regarding the health care. The dentist also provides you with necessary information as well as advice, but you also have right, as a member of healthcare, to participate in the decision making processes. This kind of form will acknowledge that the consent to your future treatment is recommended by your dentist.

  1. Dentist’s Name

It contains the name of the dentist or the associates of the dentist. After you name the dentists, you mention that he or she is asked and requested by you to perform the surgical replacement of the dental implant upon you.

  1. Implant area

This section contains information related to the placement area of implant teeth. Mention it in detail.

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  1. Statement

This section contains statement saying that you have chosen to undergo the procedure after you consider the alternative form of the treatment. It includes as well no treatment if you want or dentures, or partial, removable or fixed bridges. You have been aware and understood that the alternative forms have their own benefits, complications and risks.

  1. Medication record

This statement in the dental implant consent form tells information that you have the medication before, after or during the procedure.

  1. Acknowledge

You acknowledge and understand that there are some potential risks such as bleeding, injury or damage, etc.

Description: Dental implant consent form is very important to guarantee that the considerations related to your teeth care and health is based on you and upon you.

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