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Tips on Choosing Full Coverage Dental Insurance Plans

There’s a bit of a different perception when it comes to the definition of full coverage dental insurance plan. While some people may think   that the full coverage means that the dental insurance will cover the ANY procedure, most of the time it often means that the dental plan will cover all preventive and basic dental services including cleanings, x-rays, and routine checkups.

Therefore, it is always important to have a proper knowledge of the plan that you’re going to choose. After all, transferring after you have a dental insurance would be a waste, so make sure that you choose the right one right off the bat.

Most of the dental plans offered by the insurance companies are not true full coverage (if you think that a full coverage means that every procedure will be covered for free). To be honest, to get a plan that is willing to cover every procedure would be too expensive and burdening your budget.

How to Choose “Full Coverage Dental Insurance Plan”

Now that you’ve understand the nature of these plans, it becomes clear that you need to have a proper judgement on which plan you’re going to use. There are many factors to be considered when a person is searching for the perfect dental plan. Basically you have to consider your needs as well as your preference.

  1. Determining your needs

The first thing to do is to visit your dentist and then have them examine you and your family’s dental health. The dentist will be able to tell the possibility of major dental work such as oral surgery in the future.

  1. The budget

Remember, you should only purchase a dental insurance (just like many other insurance types) when you can ensure that you will be able to spare a portion of your earning for insurance (the ideal setting would be having both investment and insurance). Therefore, draw a clear line on how much you can spend each month for this insurance.

  1. The dentist

If you already become a regular in a dentist office, you may want to consider taking the dental insurance plan that is accepted by the dentist office.

Now with those factors in mind, compare the dental insurance plan and see which one offers the best value for money. A good dental insurance should at least provide you with free routine checkups and cleanings (twice a year), free x-rays, and other preventive services.

The basic services like dental filing etc should be covered too, although you may have to co-pay for it (typically for basic service you will pay around 20%-30% of the price). Last but not least, major dental services should be covered too (usually it’s around 50% co-pay).

What if I Can’t Afford Dental Insurance?

There are other alternatives if you find that dental insurance is too expensive. For example, you can use the dental discount plan (lower monthly pay, get discounted services), getting dental services from dental school clinics or other community based clinics, etc. Please refer to our post about dental care for uninsured.

I guess that’s it for our tips on choosing full coverage dental insurance plan. I hope this post help and don’t be afraid to ask questions using the comment section below!

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