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The Tooth Extraction Cost in 2014

How much is the tooth extraction cost in 2014? Well, it’s all depending on your preference and choices. First, your preferred medical professional that will take care of the extraction will affect the cost and price. Usually a regular dentist is sufficient to perform the procedure, but there are some people who prefer to go to oral surgeon or periodontists. This alone will make a significant difference in your bill.

Needless to say, the costs of service from oral surgeon or periodontists are higher compared to regular dentist. The difficulty level of tooth extraction also contributes to the overall tooth extraction cost 2014. Some of the common oral problems found in the patient are partially impacted tooth, tooth disintegration, etc.

Moreover, the service cost is different with other additional cost, which may include X rays, sedation, and initial consultation. The standard cost of Xrays varies greatly, depending on how many tooth to be scanned. Expect to pay around $13 for single tooth and $130 for multiple tooth scan. The sedation for surgical operation is around $200, while the initial consultation usually cost around $50 to $125.

Tooth Extraction Cost in 2014 – Procedure cost

Another aspect that affects the tooth extraction cost in 2014 is the type of procedure needed for your situation. As you may already know, each person that comes to a dentist office often has unique problems.

Simple Tooth Extraction Cost. If your dentist recommends you to perform a tooth extraction, it is most likely to be a simple tooth extraction. As long as the tooth still has enough structure, this is the preferable choice. Commonly the process takes a little of your time, because it is one of the fastest procedure in dental care. Your doctor should put you under local anesthesia, so it’s basically painless. Minor discomfort may occur for a short while after the anesthesia wears down. How much is the simple tooth extraction cost 2014? Prepare around $70 to $150, depending on your dental office.

Surgical Tooth Extraction Cost. The procedure took longer time compared to the simple extraction, because it involves surgical procedure. This extraction is often done for teeth which damages are too severe. In many cases, the decay has destroyed most of the teeth, leaving only the root. Your regular dentist may recommend you to see an oral surgeon to perform this procedure. The cost of surgical tooth extraction is around $250 and $400.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost. Wisdom tooth is attached to many important nerves; hence the extraction takes a lot of skills, precision, and caution. Because of this, the procedure is the most expensive compared to other tooth extraction cost in 2014. It is also performed by an oral surgeon, and the cost is between $400 and $700.

Will my insurance cover the tooth extraction cost 2014?

The first thing to ask is whether you have a dental insurance or not. Usually the regular health insurance doesn’t cover dental insurance. It would be great if you have a dental insurance, but you should do a research before going to the dentist office. Dental care is expensive and most dental insurance only cover the tooth extraction cost in 2014 around $1000 per year. They also don’t provide coverage for cosmetic purpose of dental care.

The best time to perform tooth extraction would be at near the end of the year, because after that you still have to do some checkups. Last but not least, the tooth extraction cost in 2014 can be suppressed if you are willing to go abroad. We do not recommend this as your first option because we are not sure about the quality of dentist in other countries. The popular destination to perform dental care is Mexico, by the way.

We hope this information about tooth extraction cost in 2014 can help you, and don’t forget to put some comments under; especially if you have just extract your tooth.

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