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Top Five Nationwide Dental Insurance

Top five nationwide dental insurance. We can be certain that if a company that can afford to provide a nationwide dental insurance, they have a good reputation. This is true for most cases. A nationwide dental insurance is very crucial for people who travel a lot or who often move because of workplace changes. By having this kind of dental insurance, one can be sure that they will be covered in any State they are in.

Aside of giving a sense of security, having a nationwide dental insurance can provide protection when you need an emergency dental care. We all know that dental care is expensive, and having a dental insurance is the best way to deal with that problem.

Now the question remains is: which company can provide the best nationwide dental insurance plan? There are several factors that you can use to determine whether these companies provide good dental plans. Those factors are the reputation, coverage, features, and the monthly premium cost.

Top Five Nationwide Dental Insurance

To help you find the best plan, we have listed the top five nationwide dental insurance, based on various trusted reviews from actual people. All five provide all types of dental insurance, which are the PPO plan, DHMO plan, and discount plan. We have explained everything about the difference between them.

The PPO plan strength is the vast dentist provider network. In general you can switch dentist, even to the ones outside of the network (although you have to pay the cost difference). There is maximum annual benefit (usually between $1,000 and $1,500), and depending on your plan, there are deductibles. Usually they provide free diagnostic and preventive dental care, and will pay 50% to 80% cost of complicated procedures until the maximum benefit is reached.

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Meanwhile, the DHMO plan has smaller dentist provider network. There are no deductibles, no annual maximum benefit, and they also cover pre-existing condition. However, you have to visit the same dentist, the one you’ve approved as your general dental care dentist. Using other dentist won’t give you any benefit. The DHMO plan is a copayment plan, which means that there is a fixed price for each dental procedure. However, preventive and diagnostic dental care is usually free of charge or have very low copayments.

The cheapest option would be dental discount plan. This affordable dental plan gives you discounts when you work with in-network dentists. However, the discount is not as big as the other two dental plans. Just like the DHMO plan, you’re not getting any benefit if you go to dentist outside the network.

The top five dental insurances that provides nationwide coverage are:

  1. United Concordia
  2. Delta Dental
  3. Metlife
  4. Aetna Dental
  5. Ameritas Group Dental

All five nationwide dental insurance have at least 9/10 rating for the customer service, the ease of claim, and the informative site.

We cannot say for certain which dental insurance can give you the cheapest monthly premium, because there are several factors to be considered in determining the premium. All I can say for sure is that the discount plan is the cheapest plan available. However, we don’t recommend this plan because there are many reports saying that some dentists give insignificant discount rate.

If you want to have a dental coverage, we recommend you to use the DHMO or the PPO plan. For those who don’t travel a lot, DHMO dental plan is the way to go. Meanwhile, if you really want to get the nationwide dental insurance benefits, you should try the PPO plan. Ask for a quote from their site. Don’t worry. It’s free and you get to learn all the benefits.

You need to consider your need and your budget. Compare their waiting period, limitations, or exclusions. This is an important step to get the best nationwide dental insurance.

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