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Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning At Home: Is it Effective?

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Have you ever wondered about the effectiveness of ultrasonic teeth cleaning at home? This method is said to give great results for some people. But how does it actually work?

Just as some of you might have guessed, the ultrasonic teeth cleaning uses… well… ultrasonic. The ultrasonic is a term used for sound above the limit of human hearing (do not bring your dogs along while your teeth are cleaned using this method).  The vibration produced by the kit can reach up to 50,000 vibrations per second. The result of this method is a much more convenient way to clean your teeth thoroughly. You can say goodbye to those metal scraping method to remove your plaque and tartar that’s located even under your gum line. Unfortunately, it is often that the cost of professional ultrasonic cleaning is a bit high for some, because they are often included in the deep cleaning procedure.

Fortunately, you don’t have to visit your dentist to get such deep cleaning service. Recent technology has allowed toothbrush companies to make a convenient at-home ultrasonic teeth cleaning device. These devices follow the same principal as the professional kit, but it is designed for daily use.

There are several products available on the market, but our recommendation goes to the Emmi-dent Ultrasound, which uses 100% ultrasound to clean your teeth. This means that you don’t need to brush at all. In fact, some of the reviewers said that this device has replaced the brushing teeth and the dental floss use (although we still recommend you to floss your teeth especially if you tend to have food particles stuck there). This product can remove food and beverages stain within a few days.

Is at home ultrasonic cleaning affordable?

Although the price tag is higher than your regular toothbrush and dental floss (the current price of the unit is at $189 at amazon.com), we personally think that it is a good investment. The ultrasonic cleaning will be able to remove calculus and tartar from your teeth, which allows you to reduce the risk of various oral problems.

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How about those with heavy layer of tartar? Can the product remove them too? The Emmi-dent is produced to remove daily stains, but if you want to remove that thick tartar you can opt for a calculus removal tool that is sold separately. In fact, I think that this is a great solution for those who are afraid of “planing and scaling” cleaning procedure offered by dentists. It takes time, but it is more comfortable and affordable.

Of course, the at home ultrasonic teeth cleaning tool offered by this Emmi-dent is not perfect. You may want to consult to your dentist first if you are using dental implants that are made of metal material. We also recommend you to use the device with light touch instead of hard pressing it against your teeth and gum.

Based on the various reviews, the product is well received and people have been saying good things about this Emmi-dent at home ultrasonic teeth cleaning device.

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