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Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning: Benefits, Risks and Side Effects

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning. It’s funny how most people think teeth cleaning methods are still the same with old methods that causes discomforts. Although many people underestimate the importance of regular cleanings, researchers have confirmed that a regular teeth cleaning will give you a healthy and hygiene mouth and teeth that is free from plaque.

You may not realize this right away, but avoiding teeth cleaning will eventually allow plaque, tartar, and germs to develop. Over the time,  this can lead to yellowish teeth, bad breath, or even gum disease.

The ultrasonic teeth cleaning is a comfortable way to clean your teeth. Although many sites are promoting the benefit and pros of the new method of teeth cleaning, there are still some disadvantages, risk, possible side effects or cons that you might need to consider.

Therefore, to provide you with full insight and perspective on this method, we are going to unveal the ultrasonic teeth cleaning benefits and risks. Hopefully from this post you can learn the difference between ultrasonic VS hand scaling teeth cleaning.

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Benefits and Risks

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Benefits

As expected, this method uses ultrasonic vibration to remove stains, a technology that was first used to clean airplane turbines. Some of the ultrasonic teeth cleaning benefits are:

  1. Comfortable cleaning, with little or no discomfort or pain
  2. The method is time effective, significantly faster compared to the hand scaling teeth cleaning method
  3. Very effective for removal of plaque in gum pockets
  4. They are also effective for removing plaque from root surfaces
  5. The small tips perform better penetration to the periodontal pockets compared to the hand scaling method
  6. The coolant spray helps clean the difficult nooks and crannies, and they can also remove bad bacteria from your dental

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Risks / Side Effects

Illustration: Result after Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning

Although this method is a very good cleaning system for your teeth, there are some ultrasonic teeth cleaning risks or side effects that you should know.

  1. Dental hygienists who perform the procedure have to wear protective equipment because a contaminated mist may form
  2. The device may also affect hear pacemakers

An ultrasonic tooth cleaning is the best method if you suspect that you have a gum disease. This method is a lot more gentle compared to the hand scaling dental cleaning. As you may have known, gum diseases tend to create tooth problems, including looseness. This method puts little pressure to the gum line and the tooth root.

Bottom line is, with regular dental cleaning you are really depending on the dental hygienist skills. The ultrasonic dental cleaning device makes the skill gap between the regular and the expert dental hygienist smaller. In overall, the ultrasonic teeth cleaning can really put the hand scaling dental cleaning method into shame.

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  1. Ray Wick

    May 31, 2016 at 9:41 pm

    I have had problems when ultrasonic cleaning was done on my teeth. The first problem is the fact that the cement used to place crowns on teeth can be shattered during this process and an increase in sensitivity results from the openings in the cement structure. The second is eventually decay can result in the base of the tooth where the crown ends since the cement has been disturbed and has come out in some cases. The increase in sensitivity has lasted for weeks after cleaning for a number of my teeth.

    • Ray Wick

      May 31, 2016 at 9:46 pm

      Just checking to see if it works

  2. Darlene Johnston

    December 28, 2016 at 8:02 pm

    I have had trouble for over an year since having my teeth cleaned ultrasonic. I cannot chew very long and my food all has to be soft. I have had pain every since.

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