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United Concordia Dental Fee Schedule

In order to understand more about the United Concordia dental fee schedule, it is important to learn about the company and what they offer.

United Concordia is one of the many companies offering dental insurance in United States. They are famous because they provide dental insurance plans to groups instead of individuals. There are two types of dental insurances that they use, including the PPO plans and the DHMO plans. Both comes with their respective pros and cons.

The PPO plans offer more flexibility because you get to choose any dentist you want as long as they are licensed. You also get to make custom plan designs and the dentist network is nationwide. Meanwhile, the DHMO plans comes with slight restrictions, including the requirement in visiting an in-network dentists for coverage, the patient has to choose a primary dentist (therefore he or she also handles the referrals to specialists), etc. However, the DHMO plans are much cheaper than the PPO plans. Just like most dental insurance plan, the United Concordia dental plan has waiting periods for some procedure.

That said, even though there’s no a particular United Concordia dental insurance plans for individual, they do offer dental discount plan named iDental Discount. The dental plan has the lowest annual membership fee, and after you have become a member you get to use the member card to get discount in participating dental offices. No waiting periods, no referrals, no annual limits, etc. That being said, the benefit is also rather low compared to the DHMO or the PPO plans.

United Concordia Dental Fee Schedule

There are two reasons why we decided to help people finding information about the United Concordia dental fee schedule. First, the information is not available on the net. The only one we managed to find is the dental fee schedule for the United Concordia Plus program (which you can read here)

As you know, there are several types of dental plans available. All of them offer different platform and coverage. What’s more is that the company may change their policy about this, so we figured that it would be best if you can get the information right from the source. You can find that information on their official site, but unfortunately you’re going to sign up and become a member of the United Concordia site before you can obtain the access to those files

Therefore, we highly recommend you to get in touch with one of the United Concordia sales representative and ask about it. Don’t worry, dental insurance agents don’t bite. All you have to do is to be firm about what you want. For the first step it would be a great idea if you can read and review the benefits you will be getting if you signed up for the insurance plan. If in any way the sales representative made you uncomfortable, just leave immediately.

It is not a secret anymore that not every sales representative are good at what they do. Sometimes they are only good at selling, but they are unable to explain the benefits thoroughly. Therefore, as we have said earlier, it would be best to get the info about the United Concordia dental fee schedule from the flyers and pamphlets released by the company.

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  1. Teresa Stephenson

    September 7, 2016 at 11:17 am

    I need too know as a union worker who will have dental insurance by the beginning of the new year what you cover in implants as I have two teeth that were damaged then taken out due too an accident. I have a choice of you or another dental plan and I want to get the one which will dobthe best for my needs. Thank you and have a great day. Teresa

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