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Washington Dental Service Individual Plans

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Choosing the best Washington dental service individual plans means more than just looking for the most expensive or the most affordable plan. In Washington area, there are many dental insurance companies available, especially because Washington is a big state. Therefore you can find both national and local dental insurance companies.

Which one is the best? In general, there are two main factors that determine the best insurance for you. These factors are your financial budget and your need. One thing we often mention to our colleagues is to be careful when choosing a dental insurance. Always pay attention to the coverage they offer, because it is often that some dental plans have several benefits that you don’t need. You may not aware of this, but you are still paying for those benefits.

Dental insurance has the same logic with general health insurance. You –along with other people with the same risk– form a collective money that can be used when someone from the group is exposed to the risk. Insurance companies is the third party which manage the collective money to be used for the greater good of this groups.

If one agrees to be included in a dental insurance plan, they are required to pay a monthly rate (which is usually called as premium). By doing so, they are eligible for certain benefits. In general, most of the dental insurance will cover preventive and diagnostic procedures such as regular checkups, x-rays, cleanings, etc for free. Meanwhile, the dental insurance will cover a part of the more advanced dental health care procedures.

Most of the Washington dental service individual plans are divided into two different type of coverage. First, managed-care plans that involve a dental provider network or PPO. You are encouraged to get treated by Washington’s dentists who join this dental insurance company’s PPO. The advantage of this type of insurance is that there’s less paperwork for you. Typically the dentist office or dental provider will help you submitting the claim to your dental insurance company.

The second type is the indemnity dental plans. In this type of dental insurance, the system used is reimbursement system. This means that you will have to cover the cost by yourself at first. Then, you file a claim and give the receipt to the company. After receiving the bill or receipt, they will pay back your money. The advantage of this type of insurance is a broader dentist option, because they don’t use the dental provider network.

Popular Washington Dental Service Individual Plans

There are two best sellers when it comes to Washington dental service individual plan, they are:

The AlwaysCare Preferred Plan

The Preferred Plan allows individual or family to have a good dental insurance plan in Washington. This is an indemnity plan, which means that you have to pay the cost up front first before reimbursement. There is no coinsurance, and the deductible for individual plan is at $50. The annual maximum benefit for this plan is $1,000.

The monthly premium cost for adults (19-64 year old) for individual plan is as low as $20,00. You can also opt for higher premium for better coverage, which include Standard Plan ($28.33) and Preferred Plan ($36.67). Meanwhile, senior individual dental service plan cost $25.67, with the Standard Plan cost at $35.94, and the Preffered Plan cost at $46.51.

The LifeMap Individual Dollar-Based Dental

Unlike the AlwaysCare Preferred Plan, the LifeMap Individual Dollar-Based Dental Plan is a PPO dental insurance. The plan has no deductible, with progressive annual maximum benefit starting from $750 for the first year, and gradually increasing to $1,500 in the fourth year. With this Washington dental service individual plan, the dental insurance will pay 100% of the first $150, 80% of the next $500, then 50% of the remaining care cost up to the maximum benefit. There are some exclusions and limitations you should ask before signing into this plan.

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Other popular Washington dental service individual plans include:

  • Nationwide Life Insurance Company’s Multiflex Dental Classic 1500
  • IHC Group’s Ridge
  • UnitedHealthOne’s Dental Value

Below is the table of benefits for the AlwaysCare Preferred Plan and LifeMap Individual Dollar-Based dental plan:

LifeMap Individual Dollar-Based Dental Plan Benefit

Always Care Preferred Plan for Individual and Families in WA

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