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What is Cracked Tooth Syndrome Anyway?

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Cracked tooth syndrome, often happens on molars, is a condition where there’s a minor crack on the tooth that is hard to identify, even with X-rays. Sometimes the patient is suffering from this condition for months before it can be properly diagnosed. In some cases, the crack is located under the gum, which makes it even harder to identify.

The diagnosis of CTS takes a lot of effort, because the dentist needs to see the full dental history, progress with oral examination, examining the x-rays result, as well as using fiber optic hand piece.

Fact #1: Cracked Tooth Syndrome Symptoms

Symptoms of cracked tooth syndrome are a combination between sensitive teeth and cavity. So you may experience pain when biting food and also when your teeth are exposed to hot or cold temperatures. However, in most cases people with CTS felt this pain occasionally, not constant.

Fact #2: Cracked Tooth Syndrome Causes

There are many factors that can cause CTS, including:

  • Teeth that was treated with root canal procedure
  • Teeth that have large fillings
  • The habit of grinding or clenching teeth while sleeping
  • In some people, the way they eat

Note that these are just common causes of the CTS. Usually people who have been diagnosed with CTS have several problematic spots, and they might and may not show up simultaneously.

To prevent cracked tooth syndrome, a person need to do a proper oral hygiene habits consistently. If you have a problem with grinding habit, you should consult your dentist on how to prevent teeth grinding. What’s more, a regular checkup to your dentist is also important.

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Fact #3 Treatment Options

Depending on the location and the severity of the problem, your dentist may offer several possible treatment options for CTS. These treatment options include:

  • Bonding
  • Crown
  • Root Canal

The best case scenario is, of course, bonding. This is much cheaper than the other two options. This can only be done when the problem is found out in its early stage. Therefore, we highly recommend you to contact your dentist as soon as you suspect that you have a minor cracked tooth or CTS.

Early diagnosis is extremely important, because the cracked tooth will only get worse over the time, and at one point a part of your tooth may really crack or break. This increases the risk of additional pain and nerve damage.

How about you? Share your experience with the cracked tooth syndrome in the comment section below! We’d love to hear your story. Cheers.

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