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What is the Difference between DMD VS DDS?

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Dentist with DMD VS DDS, which one is the best? It seems that it has been an interesting question asked by many, so allow us to enlighten you a bit about the differences between DDS vs DMD based on the history of the dental schools in United States.

The first dental school –the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery– was founded in Maryland, US on 1840. The students graduated from the school were given the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). Things remained the same until the Harvard University decided to open their own dental school, 27 years later.

Just as always, Harvard likes to use degrees in Latin. Therefore, they translate the Doctor of Dental Surgery into “Chirurgae Dentium Doctoris (CCD)”. However, the name was finally changed again to the “Dentariae Medicinae Doctorae (DMD)”. Over the time, more dental schools are established. By 1989 there were 66 dental schools in United States, and 23 of them awarded DMD degree. Today, out of all dental schools in the US, 34 award DDS while 24 award DMD.

So what’s the difference between DMD and DDS?

As you can see, dental schools initially used the DMD and DDS degrees based on their own preference. Therefore, to be blunt, there’s no difference in terms of skills and competence taught for the dental students who are aiming to get DMD or DDS degree. Current dental schools are giving the same curriculum designed by the American Dental Association.

Some people are suggesting the ADA to erase either the DMD or the DDS; or create a whole new degree. However, it is really easier said than done.

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Last but not least, we would like to address the dentist’s skills. The skill has nothing to do with the degree that the dentist has, whether it’s DDS or DMD. It is all different from person to person. So which one is better? Neither.

Hopefully you can now understand the similarities and differences between DMD vs DDS!

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