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When can You Start Smoking after Tooth Extraction?

When can someone start smoking after tooth removal? As someone who had an addiction to cigarette I really understand how hard it is to stop smoking, even for one day. However, you really need to fight the urge to smoke because it can cripple the recovery process after tooth extraction, including wisdom tooth extraction.

As the basic rule, most dentists will say that you have to stop smoking at least 3 days after the tooth extraction. In fact, some dentists even recommend avoiding cigarette for about 5 days to ensure speedy recovery.

As you know, smoking cigarette is not a healthy habit. We’re not going to talk about the various bad effects of smoking for your general health, because we’re sure that you already understand the health risks that come with this habit. However, we will discuss the effect of smoking right after tooth removal.

Behind the Smoking after Tooth Extraction

Cigarette smoke contains various toxins that are also bad for your socket. It is EXTREMELY CRUCIAL that you avoid smoking in the first 24 hours after the extraction procedure, because these are the most vulnerable times of the process.

Smoking will increase the risk of dry socket and inflammation, because there’s a chance that the blood clot formed after tooth extraction will get dislodged and then the socket will be exposed to air, food particles and other non-hygienic source that can be feast on by bacteria, leading to dry socket. The common symptoms of dry socket are bad taste, bad smell, inflammation and intense pain.

After passing the 24 hours limit, you are pretty safe from blood clotting problems. However, smoking will still negatively affect the recovery process because it impairs blood flow. This can lead to longer aftercare time and even increased risk of oral cancer (because the smoke contacts the blood flow directly through the exposed socket).

At the end of the day, the decision whether you will smoke or not remains yours. However, we do hope that this post can enlighten you about all sort of the negative impact of smoking after tooth extraction. Please wait at least 72 hours after the procedure to smoke. It would be even better if you use this tooth extraction opportunity to quit smoking altogether, because I think that the hardest part of quitting smoking cigarette is the first day.

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