Why do I Need Tooth Extraction?

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Why Tooth Extraction?

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This is a very common and simple question asked by a kid in my neighbourhood this morning. Why do we need tooth extraction?

Just as the name suggests, tooth extraction is a dental care procedure that removes one’s tooth. Needless to say, if a person’s tooth is still in a good condition there will be no reason for him or her to remove the tooth. In fact, in most of the cases even damaged tooth are not removed (usually the dentist will perform other dental care procedure that can save the tooth from further damage or even restore it).

Usually the decision of removing the tooth is taken when the damage is too severe, eliminating the option to repair the tooth. Another common reason would be tooth loose because of an accident. There are actually other possible reason why we need tooth extraction, including:

  1. Removing baby teeth that don’t fall out in time
  2. Adjusting or aligning the tooth (for braces or removing extra tooth)
  3. Removing infected tooth due to medical reasons such as cancer treatment or radiation treatment
  4. Removing wisdom tooth that can potentially cause problems such as impacted wisdom tooth
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As you can see, there are many tooth extraction reasons. Bottom line is, the dentist wants the best for his or her patient. Removing tooth at a dentist office is the best course of action because they do the procedure with care and sterilized tools.

The aftercare of tooth extraction can be simple or complicated, depending on the difficulty of the procedure. Usually the regular tooth removal will be healed in just three days, but people who have impacted wisdom tooth removal surgery will require two to three weeks to fully recover after the extraction.

The healing time is also greatly affected by several factors, especially your habit. Removing some of the bad habit such as smoking and following the recommendation from the dentist is the best way to get yourself healed in a short amount of time. It is very important that you take the words of the dentist seriously because neglecting them may cause dry socket after extraction.

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We sincerely hope that this post can help all curious kids out there who wants to know why we need tooth removal procedure.

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