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Why You Should NEVER Abandon your Dental Checkups

Dental checkup may look like something trivial. After all, you only do it twice a year, so it wouldn’t hurt to skip it, right? Many people tend to think that as long as you brush your teeth you will keep the dentist away. While this is true for some cases, there are many people who have had some hidden problems, and they learn about it when it was too late.

For example, read this confession coming from someone I know:

I can proudly say that I brush my teeth twice a day, everyday. I thought it was only natural that I wouldn’t face some serious problem, so I skipped dental checkups for years. Suddenly a few months ago I felt a sharp pain on my teeth. After I go to the dentist, I found out that I have impacting wisdom teeth. Apparently the gap between the gum, the cheek and the teeth is too small and my toothbrush always failed to clean that area. Now I’ve removed the wisdom teeth and now I have learned my lesson, the hard way. The total cost for the procedure was pretty big.

Another good reason why you should never abandon your dental checkups is the fact that the dentist can help you to get a bright healthy smile. Although some people may have different opinion, most people I know agree that a bright healthy smile is one step forward to a great first impression. Your smile is arguably the first thing noticed by the person you’re talking to. It reveals your personality and it is a sign that you can take care of yourself. Here’s a secret: many of people who have been successful during their interviews are the ones with a bright smile.

So I think now you know how important dental checkups are. Having a good oral health give you confidence and comfort, and can even open a lot of opportunities! You should remember to keep the good habit everyday, such as brushing after breakfast and before bedtime and flossing at least once daily.

So what do you waiting for? Get to your phone and call your dentist to make an appointment today! Share some comments below and tell us your experience!

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