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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Bleeding Treatment After Surgery

How to handle wisdom tooth extraction bleeding after surgery and during recovery – The extraction of wisdom tooth is the most intricate extraction procedure, because the dentist often encounter special condition like gum disease or impacted wisdom teeth. First thing to remember if you have decided to have a wisdom tooth extraction is to have a good preparation before and after the surgery.

Wisdom Toothe Extraction Bleeding – Preparation

Plan the timeline

Wisdom tooth extraction requires some time for healing. Therefore, make sure you make that dentist appointment on Thursday or Friday so that you can properly heal during the weekends. Women should avoid visiting the dentist for the procedure just before and during the menstrual period. Go to the dentist after the period is done. You may also need someone to drive you to the dentist office for the procedure.

Prepare Food

The best foods in order to avoid triggering wisdom tooth extraction bleeding after surgery are soft and easy to eat foods. Pudding, cottage cheese, chicken soup, etc. During the healing process, avoid eating foods that are too hot or too cold.

Prepare Entertainment

One of the best recipe to make you forget the pain after the surgery (beside the prescripted drugs) is to entertain yourself. Prepare games, books or movies you can enjoy. I personally like comedy, so I went with funny TV series like Friends or any other series that has many seasons.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Bleeding Treatments After Surgery

Right after the wisdom tooth extraction surgery

After the surgery, your dentist will give you a gauze pad. Make sure you don’t eat or drink anything half an hour after the gauze pad is placed. Wait until at least  half an hour and you can then remove the pad. To avoid the wisdom tooth extraction bleeding right after the surgery, avoid rigorous rinsing or touching the area. Remember to take the pain medications prescribed to relief the discomfort or pain.


A slight bleeding is actually normal, it is a surgery after all. After the surgery some may experience bleeding, so bite firmly the gauze pad we told you. If the bleeding still there even after you remove the gauze pad, you can try biting a wet tea bag for 30 minutes. Replace them every once in a while. The tannin in tea promotes blood clotting, hence they can help to speed up the healing process.  Calm yourself, and don’t do anything sudden or heavy like excercising.

You can also try to gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water. However, do remember not to spit. Spitting may trigger bleeding again.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Bleeding Treatment TIPS:

  • Ice packs may help to ease pain and swelling in the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid using straws. The oral muscles used when you drink using straws may interrupt the clots and start the bleeding again.
  • Sleep with elevated head would decrease swelling
  • Keep the supplies close and ask for your family help.

So what do you think? These are the simple stuffs you can do to speed up your recovery after the procedure. Having a wisdom tooth extraction bleeding is unavoidable, but they can be controlled.

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