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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery: Time Off Work

We have mentioned in our previous posts numerous times that you need to have a proper preparation for the removal of wisdom tooth / teeth, including matching for the time you need for recovery after wisdom tooth extraction and your work days.

These days, people are very busy with their work so many of them worry that the extraction will hinder their jobs. There are of course some sick days provided from the company, but you want to save it for unexpected events. Meanwhile, getting your wisdom tooth extracted is something which recovery time is predictable, so you can minimize the use of the sick days.

In order to estimate the recovery time off work from wisdom tooth extraction, you need to know which type of removal you’re going to get. Removing wisdom tooth can be either simple or quite complicated. Simple extraction is possible if the wisdom tooth grow normally, while complex procedure such as surgery may be needed for infected or impacted wisdom tooth.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery Time Off Work: Simple and Surgery

The time off work after simple wisdom tooth removal is pretty much not needed. Simple extraction recovery usually only takes about one or two days, and then you can start your normal activities again. Meanwhile, if you will undergo a wisdom tooth / all 4 teeth extraction surgery you may need additional days off.

The length of the time off work due to recovery differs from person to person. The dental surgeon will open the gum and remove the tooth, and then they will stitch the gum again using dissolvable stitches. After the surgery you may experience some swelling and pain, but over the time it will get better.

The recovery time depends on your habits! We’ve posted the complete guide for the recovery here, so read them so that you know how to heal from wisdom tooth surgery fast.

We suggest at least take a time off from work for 7 working days (weekdays excluded). That way you will have enough time to reduce the swelling to a comfortable level and can talk normally. However, should your working place doesn’t allow you to take the 7 days off; you should try and ask for at least 3 days off. In any case, have the extraction right after you finish your job on Friday, so you will have Saturday and Sunday and then add the time off work from Monday.

Last but not least, it is also important to ask the opinion of your oral surgeon about the length of wisdom teeth extraction recovery time off work needed.

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