Wisdom Tooth Extraction Risks

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Risks

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We have been discussing about wisdom tooth removal for a few days now. But now let’s touch this sensitive topic: side effects or risks of wisdom tooth extraction.

It may be a surprising number for you, but statistics says that 60 out of 100 persons have a wisdom tooth problems. Some might be temporary, but some other are more permanent.

I don’t think we need to explain any further about wisdom tooth and how it is performed, right? This third molar doesn’t always go to the right direction, which then can cause impacted wisdom tooth. This impacted or infected wisdom tooth can really destroy the tooth next in line. Trust me, I have experienced that.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Risk

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The success rate of wisdom tooth extraction is very high. That said, just like any medical procedure there will still be some risk, including:

  • Infection after wisdom tooth extraction, which is may caused by the lodged food particles after you eat.
  • Depending on the method the dentist is using, there may be some minimum damage in the nerves, jawbones or sinuses especially if your wisdom tooth have to be taken out by using surgical methods.
  • Improper treatment of wisdom tooth extraction aftercare may lead to dry socket, which is a very painful experience indeed. This is possible when the blood clot is dislodged,

Now I hope you won’t be scared after reading this list of risk. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to fix the problem before it spreads out to the nearby tooth. We hope that the post can help anyone out there looking for info about wisdom tooth removal risks.

Please visit our other post so that you can understand more about wisdom tooth and some tips for the aftercare and healing time. Do not hesitate to add comments under and we’ll be sure to reply! Thanks!

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