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Writing a Jaw-dropping Entry Level Dental Assistant Resume

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Some say that being a fresh graduate means that it will be harder to get a job. Although that may be true to some degree, you can actually increase your chance on getting the interview and the job opportunity by making a killer resume that wow!

Fresh graduates should prepare a good resume objective by making it specific and targeted. This means that you have to avoid writing a very generalized objectives, a mistake often done by fresh graduates. Another common mistake is making the resume objective too boastful or flowery.

Here’s one of the examples of a bad resume objective: Seeking a challenging position with a progressive company that will offer opportunity for growth and advancement. Comment: Too common, too tacky.

Here’s what you might want to consider: X College graduate in dental assisting looking for a position in training and development. Offer hands-on experience in side chair dental assisting, knowledge in administrative duties, and x-ray certificate.

TIP: Focus on your strength

Since many entry-level dental assistants have little to no experience, the best course of action is to emphasize your academic education before work experience. Make a list of your academic achievements such as summa cum laude distinction, scholarship awardees, shortlisted by the deans, etc. Those with low GPA (less than 3.00) might want to consider using major GPA instead of overall GPA.

You also need to make a list of relevant courses that relates to the job field you are after. Don’t bother writing about irrelevant courses just to make the resume longer. That actually may cause negative impact because best resumes are the ones that are tailor made for each office.

In short: Education before Work Experience.

Now in the Work Experience section, fresh graduates aiming for entry level position should include any work experience that relates to the job. If you are still lacking in this section you can work it out by entering internship and practicums experiences. You can even enter volunteer activities and class projects if you want.

Unrelated work experiences are welcomed too, but don’t give too much details about it. Just enter minimum description such as employer’s name, job titles, dates, and location.

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Killer Entry-level Dental Assistant Resume Format

People who are applying for entry level dental assistant position should avoid using standard or traditional chronological resume format. As we have mentioned earlier, the highlight should be your academic achievements and foundations, the motivation that drives you to achieve success, and a list of skills needed for the job.

Good dental assistant resume usually includes skills to:

  1. Provide assistance in dental treatments and dental surgeries
  2. Collect information regarding the patient’s medical record
  3. Complete the administrative duties that help the patient in receiving the treatment
  4. Provide advices for future dental care and information of effective oral care

The format that is usually used for effective DA resume is:

  • Contact Information (which include short but efficient explanation on job objective)
  • Education
  • Certification
  • Work Experience
  • Achievements

We’ll give you more information and some examples on killer entry-level dental assistant resume later on. In fact, why don’t you share yours?

Image Credit: ECPI University

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